EnV gets painted Orange

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lg env orangeHow do you drive new sales of a phone? Introduce another color, or so LG and Verizon might have us think. This move follows the trend of Orange devices subscribed to by Palm, Apple (Gen 2 shuffle), Sony Ericsson and others. If you missed our review of the plain-colored EnV, you can find it here.

The Orange EnV is $149 with a two year contract and is only available online.

Our review found:

Product: LG enV for Verizon
Price: $149.99 (with a 2 year contract and $50 mail in rebate)
Rating: 7.0/10
Pros: QWERTY keyboard, speakerphone quality, 2.0 megapixel camera, wireless email, EVDO, flip-up design, price, battery life, instant messenger and Bluetooth 2.0.
Cons: Thick body, lack of mobile web browser, very small exterior screen and smaller than preferred interior screen.
Overall: The enV is a great option for teens and young professionals who are looking to stay in touch via email and instant messenger and are ready to move beyond a standard handset but don’t have the corporate account to pay for a Palm/Blackberrry/Windows Mobile Smartphone (and just aren’t feeling the Sidekick).

The new color doesn’t seem to add any features or anything to the price, which is nice. A decent phone now in a color your are gaurenteed to love or hate depending on just how much you like burnt orange. Reminds me of some shag carpet we had back in the 70s, though that image, like most things in the 70s, is blurry.

Product Page [Verizon]

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  • Kevin

    Actually, the orange version has the old enV's dedicated "e-mail" key removed and turned it into a shortcut button which this user can set "alarm, IM, etc."

    Do some reporting guys, its not hard.

  • dakota

    these things are soooo cool, its easy to text and email, plus they come in cool colors…but i cant get one cuz my mom wont let me have any more cell phones, but im trying to save up my money to get one but it has to be pre-paid though…how much are they?

  • Keith

    I love the phone orange is my favorite color anyway

  • Katie

    hi people.

  • katie

    im probably getting an enV. xD it will b ORANGE.

  • kewlwong

    well get me an orange env i want one more than u guys

  • Jessica

    i have had this phone since january. i love it to death but it can get annoying since it is so bulky. but its an amazing phone

  • deryl

    it's blair waldorf's phone. so it is cool. want it