Six ways to wiggle out of your contract and get the iPhone

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ball and chainStuck in a contract and lust for the sexy touchscreen phone of the day? Fear not, here are 6 ways you can shake your contract and find true happiness (or so Apple would have us believe).

  1. Sell your contract. Turns out there are 3 services that help you with this.
    • CellSwapper: Free to post. $14.95 if you sell your contract.
    • CelltradeUSA: $19.99 to transfer a contract. No fee to take over a contract.
    • Resellular: $14.99 to transfer a contract. No fee to take over a contract.
  2. The squeaky wheel gets the oil trick: complain like a madman and copy everyone. Be sure to include all appropriate gov. agencies and the cell company.
  3. Wait for a change in fees (this happens often) such as text messaging fees. When this happens you have a right to be set free.
  4. Pick up and move outside their coverage area (a tough sell to get an iPhone, but not as tough as #6).
  5. Join the armed forces. A bit extreme to save some money on the phone, but we are being thorough here.
  6. And the last way to get out of your contract, die. Yep, just fax on in your death certificate – a good idea to have this lined up and performed for you beforehand- and you are free. Well sort of.

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  • Bob

    Here is a Wired article that is surprisingly similar. Wonder if someone read the other fellow and thought he might just write an article himself.