If you mouse gets dirty, wash it off

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Belkin Washable MouseYou should really first clean off your hands before sitting down at your computer and getting your mouse all nasty. But we understand that you ofent can’t resist souring the web for hot product announcements and rumors. Belkin must have the same problem because they have just released a wired (yes, wired) washable mouse. It is a water-resistant mouse that can survive spills and your greasy figures. To get it clean just hand-wash it under the faucet to stay clean and disinfected.

The mouse doesn’t skimp on features either. It has a scroll pad lets you scroll both vertically and horizontally by touch, not wheel, and a 1200dpi optical sensor letting you scroll smoothly on fabric and wood serfaces. It will be selling for $29.99.

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  • skrachs

    i have a mouse for 5$ 😀
    and if it dirt i wash it with wet rag