Logitech introduces high-definition webcams

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Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000Logitech has announced two new High-Definition (HD) quality 2 megapixel webcams, QuickCam 9000 for desktops and QuickCam Pro for laptops. Both webcams feature lens and optics that are designed in an exclusive collaboration with Carl Zeiss, one of the world’s leading optics companies to improve webcam image quality. The webcams support 720p high-definition video format at a resolution of 960 x 720 pixels. Besides having Carl Zeiss optics, the webcams also use a silent autofocus system for fast focusing that eliminates the hassle of manual focusing. Furthermore, Logitech has developed the ‘RightSound’ technology with background noise cancellation and the reduction of echo. Both models are expected to be available in July at a price of $99.99.

Via [SlashGear]

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