Gadgetell Review: Norton Internet Security

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ISWith computer protection being such a booming industry you want to make sure you are sticking with the best. I have had that opportunity with Norton Internet Securities. Surfing the web, making online transactions, sending and receiving files with out any fear of being scammed, screwed or threatened is a great feeling. It’s like going to the mall without any concern for how much things cost. With Internet securities they take the fear of being online out of the equation and allow for freedom roam through the vast information superhighway.

Their fraud protection is in my opinion the strongest feature with this product because it automatically scans each page to ensure that is it indeed a legitimate one. This is extremely important when providing personal information. Protection against key loggers is also an exceptional feature and one that most people, including myself at first, did not even know existed. Hackers can spend there lives watching your keystrokes with the intention to steal your social security or bank account numbers.

Like a 24/7 watchdog Internet Security is always on the prowl watching for any activity that does not correlate with your normal practices and it will always alert if there is a problem. With constant updates of virus definitions and internal fixes you know you will receive the ultimate in online care.

However, Symantec should also be praised for the great customer service. A fine product is only as good as those who help to make it and help make it run smoothly. Over the course of a few months I have been working with Symantec to make sure my products work and fix any problems that I would run into. They were quick to email me and get me back on the road to the information superhighway.

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