Gadgetell Review: Apple iPhone (Part I)

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This is Part I in a series of iPhone reviews, tidbits, and thoughts.

iPhone appleSo people keep asking me – how does it feel to own an iPhone? Is it cool?

To be honest, while I would love to say “yes, it’s great”, I can’t. Why you ask? Well simply because it is not yet activated. You see, I have a SIM card but the iPhone has it’s own – built right in. Huh? Yeah, a long with the non-removable battery there is a non-removable SIM card. Why should you care? How about if you want to use this handset when you travel, you can’t switch the SIM. What about when I get various AT&T phones for a Gadgetell review? Nope can’t put my SIM in then either.

So am I trying to tell you not to run out and buy a iPhone (or get one for free via Appletell’s giveaway)? No. You can still get one, just realize that you are completely locked in for two years.

For Appletell’s iPhone coverage, head over to their dedicated iPhone category, and to get a better look at the iPhone you could win, head over to our iPhone peep show!

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  • Jeff

    The sim card is removable….simply insert a paper clip into the hole on the top of the iphone. The cover will pop out and you can remoce the sim card. The iphone was "pre-packaged" with a sim card for AT&T's convenience.

  • c webb

    People who have ATT phones already have been advised to simply swap their SIM if they've had trouble registering the iphone. FWIW, I'm not an iphone owner, just reading the web. Clearly the SIM is not "non-removable."