Watch Google Video on your iPhone

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iPhone Google Video

It has been well documented that the Apple iPhone does not support Flash or Java. What this meant was that no online video could be watched. Apple, however, partnered up with Google to create a YouTube aplication for the iPhone. YouTube converted a chunk of their video library to Apple’s H.264 video codec.

Engadget has discovered a fairly obvious workaround to the lack of video options. If one navigates to a video on Google Video and clicks “Download for Video iPod/Sony PSP” (pictured above), the video will begin to load in the iPhone’s built in Quicktime.

Honestly, who actually watches Google Video? I felt that the reason Google purchased YouTube was due to their lack of market share; YouTube was, and still is, beating Google Video outright.

One last thing; not all videos have a download button on their page, so be forewarned.

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