Sony patents liquid airbag for hardware

Sections: Computers, Hardware, Storage

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SonyWant to have your electronics more protected? Sony has filled for a US patent based on a liquid airbag for electronics; especially hard drives. The idea is to wrap your electronics in a fluid filled bag that acts like a cushion to protect it when suffering from a shock. Though it is created mainly for hard drives, the technology could also be used in other mobile devices such as cameras, media players, smartphones and laptops. Based on previous versions, electronic floats between two immiscible fluids or using gel-like viscous substance have led to arguements over the issue of whether or nor they provide enough absorption to deal with heavy shocks. Therefore this new idea has been is proposed. The liquid used could be water or silicon oil.

The new scheme proposes that the fluid-filled inner skin will also contain “biasing units” to keep the electronics central, and a system of irises that adjust their resistance to liquid flow according to the force of impact.

Via [ITWorld]

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