Sprint may cancel your service if you call customer service too often

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Sprint has recently sent out some letters letting customers know that their service will be terminated effective July 30, 2007. Sprint is ending some contracts because customers are calling customer service. Based on the letter it is because they have “received frequent calls from you regarding your billing or other general account information” and based on the number of calls they have determined that they are “unable to meet your current wireless needs”.

They are however “nice enough” to take care of you for your inconvenience. Sprint will bring your account balance to zero, they are giving you almost a months notice, they are allowing your number to be ported to another carrier and also not requiring you to pay an early termination fee. Bringing my account balance to zero is nice but why would anyone pay an early termination fee when they are not the one canceling?

Either Sprint has some really bad customers that just call to often or maybe they should take a look into just why so many calls were needed in the first place. According to a Sprint representative these letters were sent to only a “small minority” of customers. I suppose it would take a while before you could get canceled in this manner, but just maybe this could be a new way to cancel your contract and avoid that dreaded termination fee.

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  • Harv

    Nextel sucks ever since Sprint (which is french for screw the customer), took over. I have been cheated out of a $50 rebate, a $ 40 referral, and my Mom out of a $ 25 referral. A new $ 300 phone worked for (1) month then took a big steaming Sprint. I have to drive 50 miles to a Sprint store, that has a less than technical technician. He couldn’t fix it so he tells me I need to drive 50 miles in another direction to try to another idiot to get it fixed. Nextel, blames Motorola and won’t stand behind their products. Pass the blame game. The cust service people (most of whom, butcher the english language) don’t care about you, at all! You are a number, That’s it. Lets get together change the numbers of Sprint customers to ZERO. Then they will understand what crap service gets you. The price goes up, the service goes down. I am trying to piss them off so THEY cancel my (3) phones, then THEY can screw themselves instead of me for a change. I will change to Verizon that very same day. I got NexripoffTel 4 years ago, because then, most of the people I do business with had NexcrapTel and it was easy to Direct Connect them during service calls. Now, most of them have since dropped NexTardTel. So why should I keep it, and get treated like s**t. I can’t DC them anymore and I can use any cellphone carrier to call them. They do business the NEW american way, screw the customer, claim bankruptcy, change names, and trick them out of their money again and again. If you can't do business right, DIE you commie Sprint bastards.

  • Travis

    I think i need to start calling customer service. im locked into my contact and would kill to get out with out the early termnation fee. ha

  • VOLVORacr

    This, although a bit of an extreme even for Sprint, is not so uncommon. In my own work experience with the other big CDMA provider have seen it happen before. Usually due to "harrassing" customer service and then a ETF was still charged.

  • Bob Smith

    They have the worst customer service on the planet. I'm not surprised they came up with this ridiculous idea.

    The people who are calling to complain is because their billing system is filled with bugs and customer service representatives promise things will be corrected.

    Too bad they're lying.

    Sprint is headed down the tubes.

  • John Doe

    I don't work for Sprint, but speaking as a CSR for another large company. There are quite a few people who call in so often, and absolutley refuse to understand the simplest thing. And sometimes it gets to the point you know exactly who it is BEFORE they even introduce themselves. This takes away from other customers who are calling with legitimate problems. Yes, some companies have terrible customer service. But you really have to flip it and take a look at the other side of the coin.

  • Kari

    I love it…especially how at the bottom it says if you have any problems please call customer service…HAHAHAHH

  • Shawnee’

    I use to work for Sprint.. and they have terrible service.

  • Eurastus

    Good move by Sprint or not, deserved by the customer or not, news like this is infuriating to the general public who are imbued with the cultural notion that the customer is always right. The letters violate the public sense of fair play.

    Two things are now going to happen…(1) People who are not Sprint customers will make certain that they never will be. (2) Many current, non-probmatic Sprint customers will jump ship as soon as it's convenient for them.

    The great backfire for Sprint is that the letters went public… something that was not intended, or expected. I'm certain that the executive who dreamed up this goof is headed for demotion or even termination him/herself.

  • Pskull

    I also work in customer service, and this is a smart business move. For every high maintenance, abusive customer eating an hour of a CSR's time, there are 6 good, nice 3 minute customers waiting to be helped. Unless you are a high maintenance jerk, this should be welcome news. You'll get quicker better service from someone in a better mood now…

  • Casey

    I kind of understand what Sprint is doing here. I work for customer service with a regional wireless carrier, and there are some customers that you just can't make happy. The average call to our customer service center has a talk time of about 180 seconds – each of those calls cost the call center a little over $2.50. This is, of course, based on the average hourly pay of a customer service rep and the talk time that the customer takes. (shorter calls cost less, longer, more) Now, if we are thinking a customer calls in 50 times in a month, that is costing the company in excess of $125.00 per month, which, for an account with just one line on it usually comes to be about $50 more than we are receiving in payment from the customer. And, this is assuming that the customer is paying the bills, which a lot of habitual callers (from my personal experience) are not necessarily doing; a lot of repeat calls are generated from denied requests for credit, or calling in several times in one day for the same issue hoping to get a different answer. Now, I'm not syaing that's all it is. Sometimes customers are forced to call repeatedly because their issues are not being solved, or because their questions are not getting answered. In Sprint's case, it seems as if the customers are calling that many times monthly over a 6 to 12 month period of time. If those 300 to 600 calls are all for legitamit issues, then it is probably time to go to a different provider anyway.

  • boogie

    Or better yet when a CSR or a CSR Supervisor refuses to be accomodating… do what I had to do to t mobile 2 times, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Both times I got immediate results from the corporate headquarters of t mobile…

  • Dazed

    Well lets first define "customer service" easy to provide service for customers.I have worked in a IT dept for a internet company, and faced the same issues with people calling in many times for something that you as a person may think is silly and makes no sense,you are there to provide them with help.It is part of the job.What did you expect when you took the job with a call center. As a Sprint, customer I can very well say that I have not really had to call that often,however I did have a issue with billing that took a month to resolve.Why so much calling? Well I was told that a review would be done on the account.Check back in the week, Called back and spoke to the rep and guess what nothing in the notes. well start all over again. another week,different rep. (reply) I see where you called in but there in nothing in the notes. and was told a whole different story.Went from the supervisor, asked if the reps has access to the same information on there workstations.Was told yes they can see your account. Well okay then why does each rep I speak to have a different version of it? So in my opinion,perhaps if the customers service had more knowlage of what was going on they could reduce call volume.My end result.corporate handled it in 5min.

  • Bee

    I am trying to be an honest Sprint customer and take care of an issue in their favor. I have been on the phone going on an hour and a half and I can only hope that since they can't seem to find someone to help me that they will cancel my account as well. The first customer care reps advice is that they give me a new account and if I don't want a new account then Sprint can charge me back and I called to let them know my bill printed for less than it should within hours of it printing. All I can say is there is 1000 lucky people out there

  • scott

    ok enough is enough!! i happen to work for sprint and agree with what we are doing. so many people complain about our service because trufully those are the ones that should never get cellular service. not only do they create hold times beyond 20min but have either called about a issue that has already been resolved or so hard headed they dont want to take responsibilty for there usage. those that complain about sprint are the ones that have high usage, claim that they were not told about charges even though they are clearly marked on our bills and flyers. come on people lets get real here !!!

  • Joe

    Please let this happen to me – I have been a Sprint customer since 1998 and this year has just been 100% horrific in every respect from bad service (from the phone) to absolutely horrific customer support.

    I've even been hung up by Sprint customer service. I agree that the cliche of "fire your worst customers" is good but Sprint has become the worst service I have ever had…the termination fee is the only that is keeping me with them now.

  • Bags

    Having worked in customer service for almost a year, I can certainly appreciate what Sprint is doing here. It's amazing how much time one person (calling over and over just to bitch and moan) can eat up. This completely detracts from the time I could be spending helping out a customer who actually wants to be helped, such as Bee from the comments above. I think it's completely ridiculous to try to please the un-pleasable. If people hate doing business with you, it makes sense to invite them to discontinue doing so.

  • Anne-Marie

    This topic has caused many spirited debates here at our small company. Interestingly enough, the customer service staff on the "front lines" that deal with phone calls and emails all day agree with Sprint's position – customers that call an average of 25 per day (as these did

    are a drain on resources and really stress out customer service. But "management," who doesn't answer the phones is horrified about the lack of customer service and the like.

  • jennie

    do you people honestly want to know why these people are getting shut off?!?!?! it isn't because of frequent calls!! they are getting shut off because there are alot of people who are constantly calling in asking for credits and adjustment on things that people know they should be billed for (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY GO OVER THEIR LIMIT!!) i know this because i work in customer care i have gotten some pretty outrageous demands!!! that is why people are getting shut off!!! because people dont want to pay extra when the mess up!!!

  • beast

    What I think is absolutely hilarious is the last paragraph of the letter which says that if the fired customers have any questions, then they should call customer service. You guys at Sprint are just too funny.

  • K10atl

    I can't even read past the headline – to, too, two. C'mon, you have like 5 seconds to keep me reading, you lost me in less than 2. If anything, please take this as someone who cares enough to make you think next time, nothing more. It's too often, as in too much.

  • Mike

    I work as a Boost Mobile customer care rep, but we're soon getting trained to handle Sprint customers. After hearing so much negative about Sprint, I'm worried…

  • U. Oliveri

    What do they expect when you call for customer service or billing assistance it's extremely rare that you get someone that speaks english anyway. I have been telling the them that they have solved my problem just to get off of the phone. Seems like if I complain a little more Sprint will gratefully let me out of my contract. That is the best customer service they have been able to provide thus far.

  • Susie

    I was very surprised to hear of this sort of tactic from Sprint, however this week I was informed by a Boost user that they had received a voicemail indicating their service would be deactivated within two weeks…haven't heard of any actual deactivations as of yet but it sounds remarkably similar. Please note that this is a prepaid service and also owned by Sprint.

  • insider

    i work for sprint…customer care is stoop ass…why???…because i know…i am telesales…cust care just transfers calls without doing the ff…

  • insider

    i work for sprint…customer care is stoop ass…why???…because i know…i am telesales…cust care just transfers calls without doing the ff…
    they do not inform the cust before the transfer
    they just transfer to telesales just about every concern besides purchase
    they misinform cust and insist telesales can do the stuff they promise like freebies and shit
    they put cust on hold for long time and then hang up or transfer without proper escalation

    whoever is reading this sent a letter by sprint and terminated as a cust you have my sympathies…as for anyone in high position in sprint reading this you might want to listen first to the custs concern before you end their contract…or look at your reps for a change!!!

  • Shelly

    Please fire me too!!! We have four phones with Sprint and are getting terrible reception and even worse customer service. I've been hung up on twice today after having to drive out of town to use my phone!!! Can't get anyone to speak english and they email me and tell me there is nothing wrong in my area. BULL!! Please fire me.

  • Carrie Barnett

    This is a sign for things to come. Companies can now see exactly which customers are valuable and which customers are costing them money.

    Here this explains it better:

  • Kaamilya

    Wow, I'm glad to know I am not alone. I am on the phone (hold) with Sprint Customer Care AS WE SPEAK and after being hung up on 4 times tonight. My contract is up at the end of the month and Ive already ,ade it expressly clear that I plan on switching providers, so they probably view me as an unvalued customer, but I have been paying my bills to sprint for over 6 years! My equipment is broken, I need to activate a new phone on the account. It seems like they would have the decency to do this minor thing instead of keeping me on hold forever. Sure wish I was one of the luck 1,000, I would have been done with this. Sprint has HORRIBLE customer service, HORRIBLE, and it seems to be getting worse by the second!

  • Al

    As i understand it Sprint is getting out of their side of the contract because these customers are taking up too much time with customer service, tech support, etc. So they are bad customers? I have to say that I think the world is just a little nuts to take this kind of thing lying down. We (the customers) can't get out of our end of the contract no matter how badly sprint/nextel performs. I am no Lawyer but I'd say anti trust and class action are two phrases I would be a little concerned about if I were sprint.

  • Linda

    I am a new Sprint customer and the reason why you need to call Sprint customer service many times is because Sprint customer service is incompetent. On the phone they will promise and LIE to get you to think problems solved, but things promised/resolution won't happen. Sprint won't answer questions via email either. We are all busy people and who wants to spend hours on the phone? I am willing to work things out but they are on a high horse. Sprint can freeze our account and make us pay hefty fee and the consumers are completely powerless here.
    It's really shocking to be treated in such a way by a company like Sprint. I hope they kick me off. I would report to the Business Bureau but Sprint is smart. Everything is over the phone so there is no prove of the LIES.

  • Stephane

    I wish i could cancel mine, i have called customer service many times and they want me to pay a 200 dollars fee to do so, as we have 3 phone that will be a fee of 600 dollars !!
    This is ridiculous, i have no reception at my house anymore, when i do get calls at the Office they get dropped withing minutes. My text messages download 50% of the times.
    I wish i knew a solutionm or something i could do to cancel my contract asap, if anyone has any tip on how to do so, for the Love of god let me know.


    fiapman AT

  • Chris

    I have to agree – Sprint has the WORST customer service. I can only hope they cancel me – joy! Since we changed our account from Nextel to Sprint (mostly, just a technical change, not substantial), they routinely take 3-4 weeks to credit payments on our account, I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to straighten out payments that they have and fail to process, while they tell me it is all my banks's faulty Simply amazing. The reps tell me things are taken care of and then (inadvertently?? ha) hang up on me, and after waiting 20 min to get through again, I learn that there is NO record of the prior conversation just minutes before, and I have to start all over again. Finally, they admitted that they have an issue with bills being paid by check, and they can't seem to work it out (hmmmm…whose fault is that? ) Anyhow, the last time I asked them when they were going to start paying my hourly billable fee (I am lawyer) for all the time I have spent on hold trying to straighten out things that are THEIR issues and not mine. Amazing.

  • Donna

    I urge people with complaints to file with the FCC online. If customer service won't help you-they sure haven't helped me-then start filing. I have spent hours one my most recent issue with them only to get nowhere. I hear the FCC can help. If not, I hope I get fired from Sprint. Worst company ever!

  • Danielle


    I am in the same boat as you. I have 3 phones on my account. It would cost me $450 to terminate.(it was 150 a phone when I got my account 10 years ago, so that is what it has to stay).
    I would be so happy if I could leave.

    My phone never works at my house anymore. Texting is always down or I send one text and the person gets 5.

    Gosh I wanna be terminated by Sprint.

  • stephane

    Little update, after fighting with them for weeks, i decided to contact the BBB, better business bureau, and file a complaint online.
    Couple days later, i had an email back from the BBB saying they were in the process of contacting Sprint, little after that i got an email from Sprint and a phone Number.
    They let me cancel my Line without paying ETS !!!

    Victory !!!

    Thanks :)

  • Garrett

    Woohoo! I should try to piss Sprint off, get cancelled, and get the iPhone

  • Deborah

    I retired in 2002 from Bellsouth after 30 years in customer service. If you've never worked in a job like that you can not comprehend the sheer volume of calls that come in repeatedly everyday from chronic complainers. I've spend so much time over the years tring to explain "why a bill is 1 penny more this month than last month", or "why the envelope is a different color" or 1 of my personal favorites "why doesn't the talking phone book (published by another company)talk? or something else so stupid normal people can't believe it. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T REACH CUSTOMER SERVICE TO HELP YOU ANYWHERE.

  • Marc

    Whoa! Thanks for the heads up, I am soon to cancel Sprint as my wireless provider.

  • Claudine

    Sprint customer is the worst. If you want help or an explanation than you are with the wrong company. The people who you talk to are not even American and they can barely speak english. The goverment is nicer than these guys! As soooon as my contract is up I am out of sprint and will let nobody join who I know.

  • jabreel

    I am a customer this is bullshit all of the representatives are mexican and can hardly understand and after you've waited for 10 to 15 minutes someone hangsup without saying a word then sprint is at the bottom of national wireless carriers first theirs 1.verizon 2.tmobile;4.sprint

  • Dan

    It's actually quite brilliant! The real trick to business is to make your customers so happy that they tell other people about how great you are. Concentrate your customer service on those people you can actually convert into such proponents of your business. Those frequent (more than 20 times a month) callers will never be happy, and would be much better off bad-mouthing your competitors!

  • karina

    Well, I LOVE Sprint and I admit that I do call whenever I encounter a problem, but I always try to be as nice as can be. I can only imagine what they have to take from other customers. A lot of people can be disrespectful in many ways. I would just love to work with Sprint :)

  • Dan Tudor

    Smart move by Sprint that will improve their call center morale and their bottom line. More sales professionals should do the same thing to at least one of their problem customers, as I mention in my blog post.

  • Rajas

    Goes against the tenet of "Customer is always right". But on the other hand if we consider that the customer-organization relationship is that of mutually beneficial partnership, then heck, why not fire "underperforming" customers? You wouldn't take the right away from Sprint to fire underperforming staff, would you? As Casey so eloquently points out, if the Customer is costing you $50 a month, lose the underperformers.
    Though I must say, it requires a great deal of courage to fire customers in this "market share" oriented business.
    But in the long run it will surely work out well for Sprint to promote quality of customers over sheer quantity.

  • Tiffany

    I'm a Sprint Customer, have been for around 10 years. I'm also a business owner. I actually will be using a version of this letter to turn away clients of mine who COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME for NO reason. (honestly, she does) We've had trouble with only 2. One left on their own, thank goodness, the other, WONT let us dismiss her. She keeps using us and complaining. Why?!? what's wrong with her? So, I completely understand why Sprint felt the need to do that. Some people get off on using customer service rep's as their free therapist. People are crazy, I promise, we talk to them all the time…

  • Daniel

    The problem with consumers is that some of them are impossible to satisfy. Businesses should be selective about who they sell their goods and services too just like most golf country clubs do.
    If businesses did a background check on consumers who are trying to sign-up to their services, things would be better. Sometimes exclusivity of a good or service leads to consumers wanting them more (think Harley Davidson, Ferrari, American Express, Rolex, former Studio54, etc… Ferrari won't even sell you a car even if you have the money if they don't want you as a customer, neither will Rolls Royce…)

    "I'm sorry sir, but we've ran a background check and found out that the previous 5 cellular carriers that you were with terminated your services because you called in 12 times every day and wasted their resources. The shareholders were also not pleased by this at the board meeting and voted to terminate you as a customer. I also see here that you complain everyday at 2 local restaurants to obtain free meals and also have NSF charges with your automobile insurance… Unfortunately Sir, we'll stick with our other 2 million satisfied customers and offer them rewards for not wasting our resources and trying to damage our reputation. We may not be getting truckloads of new customers, but the ones we are getting are the ones we want. The complainers can go to Acme Co. next door…)

  • dominique

    i'm a sprint customer and i totally hate it.
    i wish they would cancel my account!! 😀

  • john hicklin

    I lost my cell phone today. My wife suspended the service after several calls were made.

    I have been ONLY a Sprint customer for YEARS! What is the best way to secure a new, simple phone?
    Can it have my same #?

    Your earliest assistance would appreciated!

    Thank you, John Hicklin





  • OBie

    My experience with Sprint has to be the worst in the history of the universe.
    Phones arrived late but we were billed for an earlier arrival date. One phone sent to the wrong address. Then Sprint back office turned off a line in error and charged us over $200 for "changing the contract" — when we got that resolved we got a reactivation fee. The quality of the phones is so bad I have to ask people to repeat things over and over. Then if you talk to the people in India it takes over 30 minutes to do a simple thing (after waiting 30 minutes) because you have to ask them to repeat themselves over and over with that heavy accent. When they deactivated a line in error, my son had no service but we were still charged for service he never had. My son broke his phone so I went online to look at an upgrade and the site said his phone was already upgraded. They told us we could buy a reconditioned phone– when we went to the SprinT store they told us we couldn't buy the phone without renewing the contract and paying an early termination fee. WTF? Then we tried a used phone and it couldn't be activated and it took a week for someone to tell us the ROM was bad in the phone. So they offered to let us buy a reconditioned phone from them, told us what we could get, we ordered it AND THEN SOMEONE CANCELED THAT ORDER. No one called us. I called to find out why the phone didn't arrive. Took 45 minutes in customer service and he transferred me to another number– I'm on hold another 30 minutes or so and I find out it's SPRINT NEXTEL– they can't help me. They send me to another phone number, wait time another 30 minutes AND THEY CAN'T HELP ME EITHER. Another number…sorry we're closed. SPRINT SUCKS BIG TIME.

  • Call Center Management system India

    The call traffic is always varying thus a better option would be always stay prepared for any density of call traffic.

  • Joey Regis

    Im so tired for hard headed SPRINT CUSTOMER. i worked for sprint as finance repland agree I with what we are doing. so many people complaint about our service because trufully those are the ones that should never get cellular service or cant upset why thier phone cut off obviously sprint cut off for non payment of bills. not only do they create hold times beyond 20min but have either called about a issue that has already been resolved or so hard headed they dont want to take responsibilty for there usage. those that complain about sprint are the ones that have high usage, claim that they were not told about charges even though they are clearly marked on our bills and flyers. come on people lets get real here !!! THIS IS VERY CORRECT

  • robin

    i would like to make an sprint account

  • robin

    i do not have a account

  • Alison

    Please for the love of God, FIRE ME! I hate them. I fought with them TODAY. I asked to speak with a supervisor three times, was put on hold three times, and HUNG UP on three times. To make matters worse I got a letter from them today saying they valued my business and there goal is to offer me "best-in-class products and sevices". What a load of you know what. So I guess my plan of action is to now call 20 times a day until they fire me!
    Wish me luck!

  • Stephane

    Get out of Sprint while you can, see my story from last year.

    Bad billing, bad reception and bad customer service!

  • Chris A

    I work for Sprint Cust serv. and trust me when I say that we have A LOT of customers who call all the time just because they have had a bad day…..Now don't get me wrong I have talked to mainly good, or even great customers, and I myself try to give the best service that I can and I will admit that I do have some co-workers who are not so willing to help!!.. I am just trying to give a different perspective to this situation having worked in a sprint call center for 2 1/2 years. What some customers don't realize sometimes is that everytime you call in, you're account is noted with the fact that you call, so the records are accurate as to how many times you so call./ Now like I said I do work with Sprint and while I don't fully support what Sprint has done, I am looking forward to not getting the repeat phone calls and verbal abuse that often comes from the repeat call customers.

  • Aggravated

    I call frequently for a very good reason! BAD SERVICE!! I have called repeatedly over the last 18 months about the constant dropped calls that I experience no matter where I am. I have them on a daily basis, several times a day! The dropped calls have even happened when i am talking to their customer service!.. I was stupid for renewing my contract for another 2 years when I frist started having a problem with dropped calls; they said that updating my phones would fix the problem! What a joke! Thank goodness I only have 8 more months of my contract left! They have refused to let me out of my contract, even though my service just keeps getting worse. I was told that their contract does not guarantee good service!
    They offered a "airwave" product to boost my signal, but its only good for so many feet from the product. What good is that driving down the road! My husband and I only have cell phones so it would not help me at all. If i wanted better service just at home, I would just get a land line!

  • Stephanie

    Okay, we have been a long time customers of Sprint. Until recently, everything was running smoothly. We always paid our bill on time, and if you know anything about Sprint, we have a 4 $ rating as well as a low churn rate. The higher $ sign rating you have, the more you are valued by Sprint. The dolaar signs represent how much money you spend each month with them, and how often you pay. The churn rate is if it is low like we were, you aren't going anywhere, and that you are satisfied with the service you are recieving and you are of no threat to them of leaving to another carrier.

    Our troubles began with the simple process of ordering a phone and it shipped to Michigan, and we live in Md. The original phone was defetive and still under the 30 day exchange policy, so they placed temp. credits on the account so the new one could be ordered and then they shipped it to Michagan.

    I am not going to get into the whole thing, but everything that was done as far as mistakes were concerned, it was all on Sprints side of things.

    We were one of the ones that recieved this letter due to excessive calling to Customer Care. I don't understand how if I am trying to get a mistake that was through no fault of our own, why should we pay the consequence of trying to find another carrier? Yes, it's extremly nice of you to take care of the last month of service and all, but waiving the early termination fees? Let me correct you, YOU are cancelling us, not the other way around, so why wouldn't you wave the fees?

    I had to call almost everyday to fix something YOUR company broke? If your company got it right the first time, we wouldn't be calling 40-50 times a month now would we?

    The problem with Sprint is they have ill- trained employees that tell customers things that they know personally nothing about, or they send you all over the company just for one little thing and they have no clue as to what they are doing.

    The poit to this is, yes theirare customers who call just to get undeserved credits and freebies, but there are honest customers who were just trying to things fixed that Sprint messed up to begin with.

    We were lucky and we able to pull away from the spiderweb that Sprint has woven, but there are some legitimate concerns out there still.

    Sorry for the long rant, but that had to be spoken.

  • Betsy

    I'm currently having a problem with sprint: I added an additional line end of Nov08 and they told me I'd get the same plan as my other 3 lines, which included FREE UNLIMITED texting. But when I checked 2 weeks later, I was being charged for all my texts on that new line. So I called in and talked to a supervisor in retentions who said she found a code and would place it on the account that day, but it wouldn't be effective until the next day so in the mean time, she also added 1000 free texts so I wouldn't be charged anymore that day.

    Well 2 weeks after that I'm STILL being charged. Have talked to another supervisor after that, and they say that the FREE code is no longer valid, so they'll give me a discount on texting for 7.50$ a month, which is fine by me IF they will somehow credit me for the 7.50$ every month, but they say they can't because I'm already receiving my discount from my job. How can I get them to either credit me this 7.50$ every month, or find or make a new code for my free texting I was promsised (verbally, but sprint does record their customer service calls, so it is proof!)

    Overall I like sprint and this is my first major issue (with them for 8 years), so I DON'T want them to cancel my 4 lines. I've called in now about 6 times regarding this matter, but how many is so many that they will cancel my service!? I don't want this to happen. Also, if I file a complaint with the FCC and BBB, could sprint cancel my contract just because of that!? I'm scared to file because I want the matter resolved, but I don't want to be canceled!

  • Joey

    Hi Betsy

    you were with sprint for 8 years im sure sprint can give you the same features the same package will you have to call sprint retentions or you may call sprint escalation supervisor directly dont deal it with agent anymore as some agent they dont care much attention properly.

  • Tony

    I have been a Nextel customer for many years. My job, CTA (Chicago Transit Athority), and my local volenteer fire department (I am a member) both used Nextel. Recently, with Sprint taking over, the service has gone down hill, customer service is an exercise in frustration, and the call plans from Nextel were discontinued. When the Service Rep told me my Nextel plan is discontinued my response was to put me in a plan that was roughly equal in service. They put me in a plan with less minutes and less fetures with about the same monthly charge wich = about $150 in billable minutes.
    After several years of bills around $50 my new plan cost me over $200 a month. In trying to resolve the bill, after a lengty discussion with a service rep, It was agreed they would send me an itimized bill so I could verify the #'s called. After reviewing the bill I would pay, and they would not shut my phone off till I recieved the itemized bill. They did, twice.
    I am glad that CTA has switched to Verizon. I am hoping that all my calls to Sprint doesn't put me on their black list until our local Fire Department is ready to switch.

  • Megan L

    I'd like for Sprint to cancel me. They have very hard to understand customer service reps. I have 4 phone lines on my plan and I would have to pay $200 per phone to cancel so if I could get out of the contract without fees that would be great. If their reps could speak plain english then the phone calls wouldn't take as much time and wouldn't cost the company so much money.

  • Casey Anderson

    Sprint is the perfect example of a corporation with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement to other peoples money, their customer service representatives can anonymously add unwanted features to your phone, and apparently management has no responsibility to rectify the problem. this company is bullshit.

  • SK

    I have been a Sprint customer for the last two years. I have used T-mobile and AT&T, but switched to Sprint because they are the most expensive networks and have horrible service. Sprint is cheap and has great plans. This letter is completely false because Sprint would never do such a thing. Suppose the letter was correct… why would the person who posted it hide their information if it has no meaning since the service was to be terminated?
    I am a Sprint customer and always will be.

  • Pat


    Request "Sprint Vision Pack" of charges $15/mo since 12/09/2007 be reimbursed.

    Bought a sprint phone for my daughter and requested the "Sprint Vision Pack" be kept off. Received bill around 11/2007 including $15/mo charge for this.

    Called Sprint on 12/9/2007 and requested it be turned off and they reimburse me. I assumed they did remove it. Noticed the charge was still on my bill on 8/2009.

    Called Sprint and requested a refund of these charges ($300) since 12/09/2007. Sprint acknowledged they had a record of my request on 12/9/2007, but said they could reverse charges only back 2 months.

    I asked for a supervisor and then a manager. Basically they said the same thing. Manager said there was a note tha I requested it be turned on, on 2/7/2008 – I did not. We never used this service because we assumed it was turned off as we had requested.

    I indicated that I had disputed the charge back in 12/9/2007 and never used it.

    Manager said she could only go back 2 months.

    The Sprint Manager was Donna; ID FA40281.

    I will not use Sprint in the future if this is not resolved to my satisfaction.

  • Bobby

    Maybe if sprint would answer resolve customers issues or answer customers questions with correct up to date information customers would not have to call so much. I can believe there are customers for whatever reason do remain on the line with a customer service rep, however I was sexual harrassed by a sprint customer service rep named Ken. I repeatedly declined his offers of taking his personal contact information. He even asked where I was at if I was at work or at home. I said I was at my boyfriends house. And he said boyfriend is a bad word, he'll pretend I don't have one. He then asked me to leave my boyfriends room, claiming on his computer system it was telling him I did not have good reception. Although my phone screen had all reception bars full. I carried on with his BS for 40 minutes until he transferred me in the hopes that when he did transfer me they could track his call.The original rep that said all these crude things to me then started personally calling my phone, since he had access to my number and address not to mention my social security number. I then changed my number and he continued to call me on my new number which I was assured he would not have access too. I now take sleeping pills at night to fall asleep. I am a 23 year old female that lives alone and some creep has all my personal information…. Yeah try to sleep with that in on your mind at night.That week I spent a total of 6 hours talking to customer service reps, supervisors, and escalated services to file a report. All 20 people assured me they would do their part and I would receive a return phone call. Never happened!!! So not only was I harrassed but my original problem which was the reason I called in the first place was never resolved. I called continuously every night 3 or 4 times for a week and have still heard nothing back. I couldn't be lucky enough for sprint to cancel my contract!!!!!!

  • zxy

    you know,im one of you guys,i wanna get out in this stupid contract,i keep calling them but people thats are working there are so mean and doesent even know how hard it is to do everytime calling them.sprint suckz,really!!!! i swear i tell all my friends not to get spring because some of there kiosk also are liers….

  • Cody

    I work for Sprint Customer Service, and I can tell you that yes, we do have some terrible customer service reps. Let me explain why that is.

    Sprint imposes very tough metrics on us, metrics that don't even effect customer service very much. We are forced to have a handle time of 460 seconds, meaning that on average, we have to have an average of 7 minutes and thirty seconds. This is the lowest in the industry. In my opinion, we should stop worrying about handle time so much and focus more on the customer. We must meet an issue resolve metric of 85 percent, meaning that of any call we get that is surveyed, we must get 85 percent that give us a yes. A difficult thing, especially if the customer just hates Sprint, not us. We take the heat for Sprint's shortcomings. In addition, we must keep our transferred calls percentage at 13 percent or less, have an average hold time of less than 30 seconds, and have a billing adjustment average of 3.83 dollars per customer. It is a tough job for the little money we receive. All I ask is that the next time you call, just keep in mind that it is Sprint that is pissing you off, not necessarily the rep.

  • gerald gregory

    Once I had a problem over a cell phone I returned. It was said nothing could be done without the tracking number,Well the tracking number was a part of the return enveloe and I didnot make note of it. It was said for the longest time that it was not received. and they had no way of locating the tracking number.Well the phone finally turned up, only it was the wrong phone. I was charge $200.00, reduced to 100.00 and finally settled to a zero settlement. Months later up jumps $100.00 due for this phone again.
    This did not settle well with me.

    my current situation is that I believe my phone was left in the hotel room and perhaps a person is using the phone running up the bill. Now having the phone placed on hold until other matters could be looked into became a problem. It was necessary to visit a sprinit sales to get the hold placed. I received so many negative responges I decided I was not allowing Sprints customer service people to distrube me, it was their phone, their company,their service department. I was told I qualified for a up grade that would cost150,00 and a two year contract.. Answer Is NO! I pay for INSURANCE the coverage is for this type occurance.So I thought. So if sprint decides to cancel rather than help so be it. People working in this position require a great degree of patence. Bring the phone company trainers in. I believe they are trained to educate and get through to the customers and win them over. I believe Sprint needs help. Terminating customers is certainly not the answer. hope81

  • doris2

    you know this is just one of my problems with sprint. They have thse little rules and I think their customer service is the worse. THATs what customer service is about.. the service. helping us!! getting rid of customers is just going to be the worst thing. PLUS i just found out that sprint owns BOOST mobile. The prepaid cell phone. They offer 50 dollars unlimited.. and here i am spending over a hundred dollars on sprint for the same service. I am beyond mad about this. I suggest you all check out this website.

  • Doug Berger

    Thanks to everyone that left a comment. It sounds like Stephane is the only one out of all of us that has received the Sprint cancellation notice, and just about all of you wish it was you!

    Sorry to hear about all of the bad Sprint experiences… it sounds like Sprint employees needs to take notice of threads like these where loyal customers share their opinions.

    I hope you enjoy Gadgetell, and welcome you back anytime for news, analysis, and reviews of all wireless carriers – and their products.


    Executive Editor |

  • Doug Berger

    Congrats on the victory! Let this be proof that the big, bad, wireless carriers can't just do whatever they please… and charge you for it. If you're getting screwed, then take it up with "the authorities" — in this case, the BBB. Glad to hear the update Stephane! Good luck with whatever carrier you decide to use…



  • blue

    dang.. i wish at&t would do this lol but i love it do u sprint do u lol ~~~

  • vannarith

    i wanna buy car insurance but after reading this and it recommend me to find a cheap insurance. How you guy think which way should i go?

  • Sam

    I agree with Eurastus. Fired customers are vindictive customers. Somewhere there are potential new customers who won't risk signing up with Sprint after hearing these horror stories.

    Most customers are reasonable. Of the small percentage that's not, what even tinier percentage of that group would not eventually leave Sprint voluntarily? Is it really necessary to send them a pink slip?

    I don't buy the burden to the call center theory. Maybe you're understaffed. Difficult customers shouldn't necessarily increase the wait time for good customers, because the numbers are crunched in advance and they know exactly how many reps it takes to handle a day's calls. A percentage of customers rarely call in at all.

    Sprint firing customers is the height of hubris and an indication not only of the mega size of these companies, but the fact that they are bottom-lined, with CPA's making the decisions. Somebody over there had the bright idea of shaving some time off the calls and increasing profits.

    Being penny wise and pound foolish is not new. But there are clever individuals in management who make entire careers out of causing numbers to positively change in one column, while hiding the negative effect in another.

    For anyone who's observed a call center, it's easy to see even small bad management decisions morph into monstrous employee problems and customer service nightmares. But if you're stuck in middle management, how else are you going to get noticed unless you break and then re-invent the wheel?

    In an efficiently run call center, difficult customers are easily escalated to the next level, and handled appropriately. But if, for exmaple, managers decided to cut back on the number of specialists in the escalation queue, and force the front line CSR to deal with the call themselves, then you've created frustration on the floor and contributed to burnout. This may increase turnover, which in turn creates a disproportiate number of new and inexperienced reps, which leads of course to mistakes and yet more frustrated, angry customers.

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