Casio Exilim – video capture built for YouTube

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casio exilim w/ youtube capture
It’s officially happening. With the Apple TV, iPhone, and now the Casio Exilim EX-S880 and EX-Z77, YouTube is affecting the way products are made. These new Exilim cameras come with a mode that enables the user to capture video for hassle free upload to YouTube. The software is designed “to provide ideal settings for recording, storing, and uploading video.” Basically, the video captures into 640 by 480 H.264, which can then be uploaded to YouTube in “two steps” with bundled software.

The EX-S880 will be available for $299.99 sporting a 2.8 inch display and a 8.1 megapixel sensor, while the EX-Z77 (available for $229.99) will have a 2.6″ monitor and only 7.2 megapixels. Both cameras will take advantage of SD cards, as well as the newer SDHC cards.

Look for them to drop next month.

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