Moto Pebl U9: It’s Back!

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pebl u9Though they shook the world in ’04 by releasing the RAZR, Motorola has had their share of failures. Two cell phones that (unfortunately) fall under that category are the PEBL and ROKR.
The former was more style than substance, and the latter was just plain bad.

“Hey,” though Motorola, “why don’t we combine the two?” And thus, the PEBL U9 was born. A clamshell form factor, the U9 will probably follow trends that recent Motofones have set.

First, it will most likely run on a 3G network, revealed due to the use of the number “9” in the name. Additionally, it won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, instead using mini-USB to interface from headphones to the phone.

No word on stateside availability or price yet.

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    I absolutely love the PEBL! I have the U6 and I am ready for a new one. Hopefully, they release it for the US market.