Moto in tailspin, leaks ROKR PEBL

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pebl rokrBrand extension is killing Motorola. They’ve extended their universally disliked ROKR brand to the lowly PEBL. Moto seems to think, “add a bit of music to it and it’ll sell.” I am not so sure.

The rumor is the PEBL will get an external color display and music controls. It seems to sport a mini USB headphones. Not much more is known or guessed at, yet.

Will ROKR PEBL be the ANSER? Not likely. Moto’s mobile unit’s forecast was lowered yesterday and the unit will not see a profit in 2007. They cite lower sales in Europe and Asia. I cite stagnant design coupled with a cumbersome user interface. The new “Q” looks nice but I am not hearing more buzz or seeing people with it. The once mighty Motorola seems to have hit a rough patch.

So what happened to the Might Moto? The conspiracy theory nut in me says maybe Apple put Moto up to the ROKR knowing full well it would fall flat and put feelers out there for a music phone. And falling flat, when their iPhone would come along, it would look that much better. A stretch? Heck yeah! But past Apple’s level of tom-foolery? No way.

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