Gadgetell Review: Apple iPhone activation (Part III)

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This is Part III in a series of iPhone reviews, tidbits, and thoughts.

iPhone appleBeing the geek I am, I immediately bought a iPhone on launch day. By the time I got to the front of the line (three hours later) all AT&T had left were the 4GB models. So after my purchase I went ahead and bought a 8GB model via

When the model arrived I had my “oh crap” moment with the thought that I would have to manually transfer my data over to the new handset but to my surprise (and thrill) this process could not have been any easier. All I had to do was plug handset #2 into my PC, run it through iTunes, and wait about 30 seconds. All of my contacts and settings
effortlessly synced onto my new handset. Additionally, as expected, all of my iTunes content synced (music, photos, movies, etc.).

So fret not, if and when you upgrade to a different iPhone model or need to send yours in for service and are using a loaner, iTunes creates a backup of your phone every time it is plugged into iTunes.

For Appletell’s iPhone coverage, head over to their dedicated iPhone category and to get a better look at the iPhone head over to our iPhone peep show!

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  • Scott Loveall

    That sounds very promising.
    Hopefully it will take her phone number in a transfer and let her have her own contract without residue in the phone from the old activation.


  • Scott Loveall

    So, I upgrade to the new 16GB, 3G iPhone with the card slot and user changable battery and camera with flash in Feb and want to re-assign my old 8GB iPhone to my wife?

    Transfering info is one thing, but can you move your phone to another family member.


  • Neil Anderson

    It's an Apple product. Get used to the ease of use. Same thing happens when you buy a new computer from Apple. Connect your old computer to the new one and all your data transfers across seemlessly.