Gadgetell Review: Apple iPhone overall, leaves you wanting more (Part V)

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This is Part V in a series of iPhone reviews, tidbits, and thoughts.

iPhone appleI’m sure you can understand my anticipation for my brand new shiny to activate (even you haters out there). So imagine this…

About five minutes after activating it via iTunes it vibrates for the first time with a text message (aka SMS message) from AT&T
informing me that I am now online and ready to go. Woo hoo! So I press the home button and see the nine button home screen for the first time in my own hands. I then quickly go from the settings to the camera (sucks), email (doesn’t rotate the keyboard), safari (slow as hell on EDGE), iPod (amazing), Google maps (great but needs GPS to put it over the top), photo viewer (pinching and moving photos are great but why can’t I rotate them 360 degrees as well to better frame them), YouTube (who doesn’t love free video?), and then the rest: weather, stocks, calendar, and notes.

But now what? I wanted to play more, 5 minutes to run through the entire device isn’t enough for me. Yeah I would soon be sending emails and loading in more images to play with but I still want more!

I guess that I a trying to say that while the handset is more than amazing it is still very early in its development and I expect almost endless additions of add-ons, upgrades, downloads and software updates to make the handset really take full advantage of the screen, multi-touch, iTunes syncing, and more.

Apple for the future, at least ship it with a game or two so us new consumers have no reason to put it down.

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