We’re meeting the Facebook team… what questions do you have for them?

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Facebook LogoWe’re meeting with the Facebook team a little later today, and want to know what questions you all have for them. Leave them in the comments below and we’ll choose a few of the best ones to ask. More to come.

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  • Ali

    Ok, I have 2 suggested questions:

    1) How come that the FB platform does not have as big documentation as the platform itself?

    2) Why did FB even consider going for the flashing, old fashioned banner ads? There is a lot of other ways to advertise other than clutter the page with distracting, bad quality animations. Facebook team was always know for their creativity and innovation, a new interesting add feature was newsfeeds ads. Most of FB users are very afraid that FB will become MySpace someday (cause of Banner ads).

  • satira

    i need helpmy face booi can not send mails

  • Moe Omary

    facebook needs to be compatible with widescreen!!! Come on people.

  • Jason Brill

    I work in an IT firm in Sydney Australia. I have an idea that I believe could revolutionise advertising. I have been trying to get hold of Mr Zuckermens email address. I would like to be put in contact with. Similarly I would like to find out whether any dealings could go through a non disclosure agreement.

    I would like to know it would be possible to discuss things further. It is a simple idea that offers a high return on investment

    Please email me
    In the subject line mark the email to the attention of Jason Brill

    Best regards,

  • David


    Why are you launching applications that don't work and cause grieviances to user without proper testing?
    Is that not making a fool of people?
    I think it is scandalous and you should withdraw those applications until they are tested and you're sure they are working properly? As done in any decent company??

  • Steven

    Yes, widescreen for websites now seems a must have. Honestly cant believe such a large site as FB doesn't have widescreen support.

  • search engine optimization services

    What do you think of Facebook advertising? Do you find Facebook ads more relevant than other online ads?

  • elsie joan wiseman

    why can i only get a small part of facebook i cant get into my profile let alone my kids whom only started to have this promblem when you started changing stuff for some unknown reason worked very well before i liked facebook to keep in touch with my kids now cant do it anymore which is very frustrating so thanks for the annoyance

  • Darius

    i want my facebook account back. my email address is and my facebook password is van123

  • mohammad ali daher

    please i want to know why my account has been disabled please answer me and if i do something wrong please tell me and i am very soory please return my account because i realy need him plz

  • derek fanshawe

    i am trying to get on facebook but keep getting e mails saying my passwordis wrong . I only joined yesterday And when I click on the series of letters and numbers nothing happens Help

  • Craig Parder

    Why is it that when you encounter a technical problem in FB you can not get a link that will put you in a platform so you can voice your problem(s). I find this most disheartning and very frustrating. You folks should at least have a link that would allow you to write an Email ( if nothing else ) of any or all technical difficulties experianced by one and all users alike to one or all of the FB Team members so it can be dealt with promptly. Then just let us know of the progress so we're not left in the dark about the status of these problem(s). Thnx and by the way you guys rock and I enjoy it very much.

  • Craig Parder

    Here is one concern of mine that I would like to air out to the FB Team. Why is that my ' Lunch Money ' in 'Owned ' keeps changing drastically. I.E. Yesterday it was sitting at 31 million and some odd change ( which is the correct amount ) and today I go in and its sitting at 47, thousand and some odd change. Not only that,my amounts ( when I go to the ' Rank ' ) part of 'Owned ' is incorrect as well. Issues like these get to me as I find ' Owned ' THEE best app you guys have.


  • mahmoof radhi

    please i want to know why my account has been disabled please answer me and if i do something wrong ,,,please tell me and i am very sorry please return my account.. because i realy need him .

  • Katie Boyle

    I want to reactivate my account and when i tried it said- The email address you entered has been deactivated. You will get an email shortly telling you how to confirm your account. I can no longer access my login email address however so can I get the email to reactivate my old account sent to me new email address??
    login email-
    the email I have access too –

  • april ashton

    Why are you all going on about it,, its just facebook its good and made everyone friends again, things should just be left simple,,,, thats why everythings got so messed up in the world people have too many opinions,, just enjoy waht facebook gives you!!:-)!! I do..

  • dorothy bragg

    I am sick and tired of trying to enter Facebook and getting the response that my password is incorrect. As suggested by the Team, I've changed it three times in order to gain access but only once did it work. Since then, using the latest password, the response has been negative. I'm fairly intelligent but simply cannot negotiate this system.
    Dorothy Bragg

  • collen favel

    i forgot my pass word for face book and i wosuld like to get back on.I also forgot my pass word for my msn is there any way @ all that i can get back in?
    i tried to make a new e mail addrress and that is the one that i left for you please get back to me asap
    Thank you Colleen Favel

  • Dalia Rosa Nabil

    i can not sign in my old account….
    someone stollen it and change the passwrd
    please help me to return it….

  • Dalia Rosa Nabil

    i can not sign in my old account of facebook…
    someone has stolen my account and change the password
    please ,help me to return to my old page…
    because i cant find my friends..

  • Dalia Rosa Nabil

    i can not singn in my old account of facebook please help me..
    somepne has stolen my account and change the password
    my e-mail is
    my password was 8138480

  • elsie joan wiseman

    not a comment a question why can't i get to any profiles???? hav'nt been able to for a week now.

  • mandy addison

    dear face book team, for two days now i cant get on my facebook account, i have no idea what has happened im confused and need help ,,im a widow and my family stared me on facebook so i can find friends as this is a sad time for me , i dont know if ive disabled it by mistake im new to computers and cant fix it please can you help my account has over 140 friends and im lost without it please help if you can it just wont let me open facebook e mails either im stuck

  • Joan Methfessel

    I have been on facebook and suddenly I can't access the site. I have followed directions to reset the passwodrd using the one I have always had and nothing happens.
    What is wrong? If you have an answer send it to my email because facebook is not working!

  • james

    hello facebook team, and i'm writing because my school is pretty new which is The Brooklyn Latin School, it's roughly about 3 years old, and there isn't that school for network section. So can you please update my school?

  • jpitman

    i want my facebook account back pleas. my email is and my password is shannel1. thank you.

  • priyanka

    why my account has been disabbled, plz reply i didnt did anything why ? plz tell me guys whats the matter ??

    regards !!

  • Geoff bruce

    When sombody posts and I recieve a link – not once – ie. never – have I been able to go there. please explain

  • magdy hosny

    i want my facebook account back. my email address is .comand my facebook

  • Tamara

    Dear Sirs,

    Before few months i've deactivated my facebook account.. now i am trying to restore it with no use; every time i try to log in i recieved a message that i will soon recieve instructions to reactivate my account but i recive nothing!!!
    please help me

    my e-mail is ( facebook user name)

  • Kat

    I have been locked out of Facebook as it says my password is wrong and I have tried too many times. Is there a telephone number for a help desk so I can get the problem solved quickly? It is banned from my work and at the moment I don't have a pc at home so it is proving difficult to get sorted and so frustrating!
    Please help.

  • joe

    happy holidays for every body !!!

    my account was blocked from adding pepole !!!! what can i do to get back that right !!

    thx and best wishes


  • Wayne Sheppard

    When I get a confirm a new friend email from Facebook and click on it to confirm, it will not go to the link, it just sits there. what can I do to fix that please?

  • Eileen Thomson

    each time I try to log in the message comes up that either the email address or password is incorrect? what's happening?? disappointed

  • able99

    would like to know if illuminated green light might come on for anyother reason other then online friend would be online. Could it be possible rebooting of computer.

  • jarrah al-s

    i just send msgs to my friends on facebook and please return my account becous am not used the wrong way !!

  • ghena hallal

    please my email adress is deactivated i want to reactivate my email can u help me please?

  • ghena hallal

    hi,please i deactivate my email adress since 1 week and i want to reactivated now please can you help me ?? thanks

  • kristine elizabeth

    I need somone to get back to me asap reguarding a site that was put up on facebook called the " herbert st fire" it was my little girl that died inthat fire in peterborugh ontario and there have been so many nasty comments from very mean people i cant take it anymore it has been 2 months and this has to stop im trying to greive over my baby! a girl named jen hunt started this group and i would like it deleted and i dont want her or anyone making such group again it was nice to hear all the kind words but its getting too nasty and i cant take it if this group is not deleted im going to the police about this please get back to me as ap

    thanks kristine

  • Kevin

    Hi iam wondering why if i google facebook there is a site where when i go in it brings all my details up without a pass word this means any one on my computer can do stuff without a pass word however if i go to the proper site i need a pass word.

  • ryangood

    I had on old account and it got deleated so i made a new one and from there i went into my brothers account and from there i went to my old deleated account. I wolud like to have my old account back. I know my password and username from my old one and it won't work. Please i would like it back thanks

  • Özgür

    Dear facebook team… My account disabeld from facebook admin…But This account is very important for me…I apologize for you please help me and open my account again…I was very sad :(

  • Özgür

    My account's e-mail adress is…

  • fathimath asma

    i have two facebook add.and i want to block one of pls will u help me to block it.

  • classified

    Hey facebook team. I have a statement. LEAVE THE VIDEOS ALONE! Just because some videos have a little music in them it doesn't mean you should take it away from them. This is messed up. We are actually supporting the song by making it more famous. People would listen to it more. I made a video and guess what, I DIDN"T COPY ANYTHING BESIDES A COUPLE OF PICTURES! The third party doesn't own the song…

  • Nick Gustafson

    dear facebook team I am truly sorry for all the bad stuff I did on facebook and I promise the facebook fans that I will not start this bad behaviour again I really promise u that I want to be back on facebook and start making friends again so to all of u facebook fans I am truly sorry and I hope u forgive me and let me back on to facebook please I am begging u for a second chance please

  • Gihan

    dear FB Team,
    i have a problem since a while now NON of MY FRIENS can see the tagged photos of me OR adding by me and I have check my Privacy setting and almost all the settings i have and still nothing.
    Please Need help.

  • Sotiris Fournarakos

    dear face book team for three days i cant get on my facebook account
    somepne has stolen my account and change the password
    please tell me what to do or please check my account and tell me what happen
    i have 600 friends and theu wrote in my wall
    i take email from in my msn(

    I am sick and tired of trying to enter Facebook and getting the response that my email/passowrd is incorrect
    please tell me what to do
    Sotiris Fournarakos

  • david

    Why is it that if I have a question I can not find any one to call at facebook?
    What kind of infrastructure is this?

  • Paul Ruhland

    For several months now, I have been an active account owner and after the initial procedure, Facebook
    was easily accessible on my PC. Today, for no apparent reason, I could not open the account. The
    Facebook Team required me to login anew. I had forgotten my password in the meantime and asked for a
    new one. My e-mail showed me a link to follow, but without success. What is going on with you people?

  • Alpha Barry

    I need to understand why soon as I'm logged on in facebook my screen turned off?
    Je veux savoir pourquoi, dès que je rentre dans facebook avec mes accès, mon ecran s'etteint automatiquement et ce, seulement avec facebook?

  • Nicola Matthews

    I have 2 profile pages and want to delete one. Reason being, I had signed up to face book and then changed my email and didn't update face book, then I forgot my password to facebook and requested a new one in which it was sent to my old email which had been deleted and that was that. Could log on to Facebook, so I have started a new profile which can be confusing to to people trying to track me down. Please please please how can I delete old profile. Thanking you in advance for your help. HAve a fab day.

  • fay denton

    i cannot except friends. what am i doing wrong. and i cannot post messages.

  • marjorie shirkey

    my son sent the following information to you. to change the following information from: to

    pass word is now grandma5

    i can't open my face book with either since yesterday.. he did this last week. help help i am wheel chair bound and i am really upset. what can i do or better yet what can you do??> thank you marge

  • Lenee

    My brother is gone off of my friends list and I know I didn't delete him. He says he didn't delete me either. I think his wife did it. Can I get someone to tell me how to diagnose who deleted whom from their friends list? He doesn't bellieve she would do such a thing but she has done much worse when it come to me. Can I prove that I did not delete him?

  • winnie knights


    I can no longer access facebook comments as I get a message: server error/http error #500 or #1010. I believe that this a facebook problem and not necessarily my own personal computer problem.

    Please sort out this problem as I have not made any comments for the past 2 weeks now.
    I have run RegCure and Xoft Spy to eliminate any registry problems as well as viruses.

    Thank you
    Winnie Knights

  • Monica

    by mistake i duplicate my email, so I lost my 4 year old account, I'll ready send more than 50 emails to the facebook teamm without response… couldo you please help me te reactivare my account!!..

  • june smith

    How come every time i sign on to facebook it says that there is already an account with this email address? Please explain!

  • ellen

    dont like this new face book layout it not freindly….. since being changed i no longer get messages from my freind….. prosumably because they feel the same….. i really miss reading their proflie comments too…. on the old face book i could just scan down my friends … and if i saw an interesting or fuuny comment i would hae a quite chat or reply with a funny quip' … not anymore …. no more profile comment … boring … dont use face much now …….. ellen…. be interested to hear your reasons for the new layout….

  • Regina Star

    Please accept my real last name: STAR, with one R. Thank you.

  • marzi

    hi facebook team,i want to know what is FACEBOOK ONLINE CASH SPLASH PROMO ALL ABOUT because i have recieved an e mail saying i have chosen as a winner from your facebook team.Is it truth or some kind of joke?i will waiting for your kind reply.

  • Ethel Tanner

    Please Help: Every time I try to get on facebook they say the password is wrong. I e-mailed them back once but have not heard from them again. Please help I put all my info on facebook but can not re-enter it.
    Ethel Tanner

  • Beverly Bloedorn

    I am unable to sign in. I try but it keeps telling me that it's unable to use my information. I might have by passwork wrong, need help. Thank you

  • Jennifer

    I have been disabled from Facebook and I beleive it was a mistake. I have many friends and would miss them so. Im not sure what I did. Please have them reconsider or at least tell me why I cant log in anymore. Im lost without Facebook. I gave alot of my time and money to the Facebook Advertisement. I beleive I am an ideal Facebook user. I never spam anyone. I also use their applications. I want my access to log in agian before my whole account is banished! Thank you, Jennifer

  • bayram karataş

    ı don't speak english.ı speak english. ben facebook profiline giremiyorum.kayıtlı olduğum halde msn adresimin kayıtlı olmadığı görünüyor.nne yapmalıyım.

  • jeanne bullard aka ocean

    hi,i joined face book a while back by invitation from 2 of my friends. and when i try to contact them it tells me that i have to join face book. so i try to join again.when i do i am told that i have already am a member. i have tried all i know to do.and yes i am new at computers. so help please ok? sincerely jeanne bullard (aka ocean)

  • Nemanja

    Well why does FB have so many bugs? Seriously it is bugging constantly. I am a business man and and it is so frustrating having to spend 30 min on something which could be done in a 5. I have thought of some technical solutions, and by the way the basic software principles on which FB is functioning could be much better.
    Thank you for hearing me out.

  • Brenda

    I found this discussion when I googled "why isn't my facebook password working?". It is both comforting and discomforting to see so many people have the same problem I'm having.

    I've received about 5 emails from facebook telling me that people I know have listed me as their friend. When I go to the site to confirm and connect with them, I'm told my password is invalid. What to do? What to do?

  • Monica Hoare

    I cannot access Facebook or Friends or Wordscraper games. This is very frustating. I have a message to say friends aretrying to contact me!

    This has been a problem for a long time. I am losing out. A family member said it may be because my Norton Security subscription, but this has now been renewed.


  • Ronica

    hey i really love facebook but lately………everytime i going to comment on something dey telling me dat i have abused this feature and …….and stay off facebook for a few days or else… account will be disabled….steups….i really dont know whats the problem i've done nothing wrong i dont kno if someone reported me for on purpose…but please facebook look into teh problem and help me thanks

  • ayu mareta

    kenapa saya udh punya lebih dari 5000 member tapi udh g bisa kirim message?

  • ayu mareta

    I can't send message when we have group more than 5000….why?

  • lumi

    i need my fb bak

  • lumi

    can you stopet this email adress,, to do not open mye fb acount anymore please,and she change my password can i tek my fb bak please

  • Armantina T HHerrera

    Please Sirs Ineed to change my password.I made this petition many time and you never answer.I already have my pasge but I can not got it because I don't remember my password

  • pat taylor

    I signed up for face book a couple of weeks ago and I can't get on to it because my password won't go through. I tried to follow the ins. but to no avail.. HELP.. Thanks Pat..

  • cyntia bara

    i can't see the picture ( small picture/ small box ) of my friend if they're make comment, the picture (small box )is just Grey color and also my big picture in profile ( in the top left ) they're not appear.

    please help me to make them like usual

    thank you.

  • Judith Weber is Judith Weber's email address. You have an imposter named Kate Heller in place of Judith's name. We need this corrected! What can you do?

  • kaliegh

    i CAN NOT get into my facebook. i Tried sending the link to my hotmail to reset the password but the link is not goin to my inbox … i chekced my junk folder and everything . it will not send the link . HELPPP

  • bimolrakshit

    icannot reset my password or log in pl help I have tried everything

  • Barbara Farnham Bardeschewski

    Please!!!!!!!!!! Help! I can't sign in to facebook. The email link doesn't work & I can't cut & paste to my browser. There must be another way. Please help! BFBG

  • Barbara Farnham Bardeschewski

    Help! I don't remember my password, the link doesn't work & I can't cut & paste. Please help. There MUST be an alternate way. BFB

  • Tom Murtha



    Semper Fi,
    Tom M.
    Saepe Expertus – Semper Fidelis – Fratres Aeterni
    "Often Tested" – "Always Faithful" – "Brothers Forever"

  • wildan makky

    please i want to know why my account has been disabled please answer me and if i do something wrong ,,,please tell me and i am very sorry please return my account.. because i realy need him .

    i want my facebook account back. my email address is and my facebook password is almakky

  • Melissa


    My boyfriend has deactivated my Fb account and my gmail account, is there anyway that I can get my old account back on fb. I don't want to have to start over again. I have all my family, friends, pictures and photo albums that I would love to have back.

    Thanks Melissa

  • anthony

    i want my old account back how do i recover it?

  • junebug

    I have made a mistake somewhere and would like to remove all my
    ifo from facebook and start ofer new .My grand kids got me started
    and I am in a mess. It seems as if my regular gmail won't go
    thro' either.

  • junebug

    I don't think anyone should use facebook. I am so confused that
    I would like to smash the computer

  • eston

    Please could you help me, i blocked a friend but want to get them back! is there anyway i can get this person (angie simpson) to be a friend again?

  • valdet

    Valdet Kabaš I'm asking facebook team why the fuck they have people for idiots for weeks? Why the fuck everything what I do here and I want to share with others it's not visible on anybody's wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Valdet Kabaš ….and every stupidity that every idiot put here it is visible on my wall????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arie

    saya minta untuk mengaktifkan kembali facebook saya dan saya tidak akan mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.

  • arie joeckher

    mengaktifkan kembali face book dan tidak akan mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.

  • Brian Marino

    I believe my account was hacked, My information is "", my password was or is "choppers". I would like it to remain that. I checked the spelling and capitalization over and over. I have alot of friends on there and do not want to lose what i have set up already. if there is a way to help me restore this and keep it confidential I would greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. Please Help

  • alexz maulana

    I am sorry if I am make mistake….because I don’t read

  • janis

    please help i want my facebook account back. Disabled for no apparent reason

  • sarah

    the new password that you send dont work why

  • trevor young

    when i was told that someone wanted to add me to their facebook and i had to give permission but every time i clicked on to link nothing happens. WHY
    higher 11

  • sunliong

    plis give me back chips 90M

  • triplen

    I can't sign into facebook, and the facebook team will not reply to my help request!!
    So what should I do???

  • angel mayers

    i can not log into my account please fix this problem asap

  • sivan rochman

    Hello facebook team
    I have a problem for a few months already. I can't use my chat at all. It's appearing that I don’t online while I am. When I try to talk with someone of my friends it shows like he doesn’t online anymore, while he does. Please help me to sole it. I tried to contact you so many times for so long.
    Hope to hear from you
    With thanks

  • Joyce Ramona (Goodale) Fargen

    I tried to sign up to Facebook back in January & never got a confirmed code. On my email I accidently put a R in the email address I& never recieved a confirmation code. How can this be corrected??? Joyce.

  • Amit bhardwaj

    Sir Whenever i open my facebook page my chatbook list always shows 0 online friends although there are so many friends of mine who are available for chat at that moment… this is causing a lot of inconvenience to me as well as my friends because i am not able to talk to them on facebook chat.. please tell me what is wrong with my chat page and help me for the same so that i will be able to chat with my friends,,…. i will be very thankful to you…..

    thanks and regards,

    amit bhardwaj…..

  • Amit bhardwaj

    Sir whenever i open my facebook page and click on chat link it always shows 0 friends online for chat although many of my friends available for chat at that time… i dont know what is wrong with my chat page…please help me in this regard because i am having a lot of inconvenience to chat with my friends.. i cant chat with them because whenever i click on chat it always displays that nobody is available for chat… Please do the needful for me.. i will be very thankful to you….

    Thanks and regards,

    Amit Bhardwaj..

  • d dow

    when you have someone as a friend, how do you take them off because they are annoying not bad friends but too much

  • putri milano

    facebook saya telah di hack orang, trnsaksi trakhir saya ilegal tampa sepengetahuan saya

  • budiadi gunawan

    saya minta tolong chip texas hol'dem poker saya d curi orang 43 M tanpa sepengetahuan saya,,
    mohon team bisa mengembalikannya,,

  • Danielle Job

    hey facebook………….my account jus got disabled by mistake i feel, please help me to get back my account , facebook is my life without it i'm nothing , please help me, speak to me let me know whats going onn

  • Danielle Job

    hey facebook please enable my account please, i realy love facebook and whatever i have done i am very sorry, please help facebook is my life, please help me

  • Anne C. Kerner

    I signed up for Facebook account and received confirmation. Now the password I entered originally won't let me access. What can I do?



  • magdolna mika botyanszky jarvie

    please wish to reactivate above facebook account through gmail as accidentally over rode with replacing with >>??? please nameste…

  • magdolna mika botyanszky jarvie

    have lost fb gmail account over ridden by 18/10/55… please would like back as have lost so many contacts & photos which aint fair as how many people have lost out by over riddens…??? thanks much appreciate for getting back…

  • anthony abou jreich

    hello.. i just wanted to say that my facebook mail was stolen so i continue using my facebook account but the problem is that every day my account remove at least 2 of my friends randomly … so with all my respect can u please solve this problems because i'm suffering every day i see a friend that has been removed!… and thank you so much :)
    P.s: if i can get my email back tell how plz and thank you!
    and plz if u can get me my friends that have been removed!

  • Lorraine

    How can someone confirm you as a friend when you haven't requested them as one?

  • Rita

    I cannot accept friends and send messages why I use to all the time now I am getting a confirm message even though i ckick Ok it still doesn;t work

  • Angela Chretien

    Help!! I've lost my facebook page! My local bank wanted me to change my passwords for security reasons so I did and I also changed my e-mail address. I had no idea that by changing my e-mail address that it would wipe out my facebook profile. When I logged in it said that my e-mail and password was invalid. My old e-mail address was and my new e-mail address is angela.chretien@ (there is a dot between my first and last name) Can I ever get my old facebook back??? I lost pictures and everything. PLEASE e-mail me with the answer..I LOVE FACEBOOK! IT'S THE BEST THING THAT HIT THE WEB! I want to keep chatting with my relatives that I don't see much because they live out of state….Please reply I need your help! Thank you! Angela Chretien

  • Patricia

    Why can't I get on Face Mail?

  • rani pertiwi

    "when i logged in to my facebook account and attempted to play poker on zynga, a warning page appears. i have either: -transferred chips or been hacked on my account.
    to be honest, i really dont know what happend and you have provided me with NO information about this.
    but all i can say is this: if i have been hacked, great!!
    u can always transfer back my 40 million chips and procecute the basterds.
    If u think/suspect i intentionally lose my chips to others,
    i will say this: I have NEVER intentionally given away chips to anyone,
    but i sometimes get so bored that i go to lower tables and play ALL-IN poker
    with unknown people (i also do this at realpoker-clients with real money).
    If you check how many times i have reported Scammers, Hackers and cheaters u
    will find out i am a big fan of playing fair poker and that i also fight/report
    illegal activities on zynga. sadly YOU never reply my complaints or delete hackeraccount or cheaters, and just let them take chips from innocent people!!
    I am a pokerpro at a realmoney pokerclient and know how to play poker.
    But i also love to play on zynga cause it gave me many lifelong-friends,
    and i am in shock that you can do this to a player who is now in the TOP-20+ ranking on your site.
    How about you gave top players extra attention and additional support,
    instead of punishing them with warnings and bans?
    DONT go after the good players–> go after the hackers, scammers and cheaters!!!
    And reward and protect good players!!!
    i demand that you call and explain this closer to me, or i will hire a lawyer to look into this.

    ps: while i am "complaining", i have one advice:
    i usually play the highest tables but its sometimes
    impossible to join a game because the game is full beggars
    with no chips and hackers who try to sell chips.
    you should make demands to enter those tables;
    all who can buy-into game (minimum buy-in) can enter the game,

  • Emmah

    dear face book team,please I can't log in, since I join FB and I always get mails from my firends. please can you help me with my account and past word check if there is a mistake.-this my account name is & my Pt wd is konadu.plaese fix it for me.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • Jerry Jewett

    I cannot seem to join Facebook because I am told that my Password does not match my E-mail address. What do I do now???

    Jerry Jewett

  • Jerry Jewett

    I thought I was a member of Facebook but I am told that i have a "Incorrect Email / Password Combination." What do I do NOW???

  • mariwan albarzingi

    dear facebook team..
    my avount had been disabled from 04.10.2009 with 121 million pokerchips..till now i sent more than 7 messages to Mr.anthony simpson without any answered…there fore i would to ask that can i get them back or shoul i ferget my chips…? please answer me as soon as possible cause i want to play poker and i have no chips any more…..

  • kareem

    hi facebook team,i want to know what is FACEBOOK ONLINE CASH SPLASH PROMO ALL ABOUT because i have recieved an e mail saying i have chosen as a winner from your facebook team.Is it truth or some kind of joke?i will waiting for your kind reply.

  • taneasha harris

    i need a contact support number for face book because i cannot get into my fb with my new email because the old one doesnot exsit anymore what do i d?I do not want to start over.

  • aida

    please confirm if facebook has launched raffle draw within users..please i need an answer through my email. urgent please .thank you. i would appreciate an answer ASAP.

  • ryan

    tolong chip poker saya telah di kirim ke orang lain tanpa sepengetahuan saya, dan saya berikan pemberitahuan bahwa transaksi terakhir chip saya merupakan tindakan ilegal

  • ryan

    tolong chip poker z telah d kirim ke org lain tanpa sepengetahaun saya,dan saya berikan pemberitahuan bahwa transaksi terakhir chip saya merupakan tindakan ilegal.


    chip poker saya telah di kirim ke orang lain tanpa sepengetahuan saya,dan saya berikan pemberitahuan bahwa transaksi terakhir merupakan tindakan ilegal.

  • alvhi

    chip saya di curi orang

  • Jo Ceresia

    I received an email from "The Facebook Team" that stated:
    "Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
    You can find your new password in attached document.

    The Facebook Team"

    These was an attachment but i did not open it. I still log on to Facebook with my original password which leads me to belwive this is a spam email. Can you verify this?

  • irene scanlan

    I have been invited as a "friend" from 2 different people, but when I click on becoming a friend, it proceeds to a new screen but it is blank and nothing happens. What is the problem?

  • jean a labombard sr

    how do i get to sarah palins site to see her bright comments she's fresh air

  • hery

    chipku docuri oleh seseorang sekitar 6 jam yang lalu…tolong dilacak siapa yang mencurinya…

  • Keir

    I have 2 questions

    I want to know why my account was disabled and for what reason?

  • yanuar setiawan

    Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • hayat maaddi

    I need to know how to write using different color either red or blue
    make bigger letter on face book.writting bold

  • alexis

    please i want to know why my account has been disabled please if i do something wrong ,,,please tell me and i am very sorry please return my account- because i really need it im sorry for the violation, i will read again the policy words by words just return this account

    pls facebook team

    thank you…..

  • minora ihab samir

    please i lost the password of my e-mail aw well as the password of the facebook
    i couldn't return the facebook password because i lost my e-mail password so i couldn't reach my password of the facebook account.
    Somebody has hacked my account and changed my password.
    I've created a new e-mail which is so please send me my new password on it
    looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
    Thanks and best regards

  • afdhalul rizqi

    why was my account disabled?

  • kristy

    i have a friend that added me an i accidently deleted him but his profile must be on private and i cant re add him or get in touch with him please help….

  • sandra

    that my chips poker have [in] sending to others without the knowledge I transfer the ilegal izhal [in] texas holdem poker.

  • ahmed el halabi

    how do get facebook back

  • Alisha B.

    Someone is hacking my facebook! I need help!

  • Katharine Rosser

    I hope that no one takes offense, but I want to be off Facebook as soon as possible. Please toll me how to CLOSE my Facebook account. Nowhere have I seen this information, and I have looked! Thank you.

  • Pamela

    I want to add my second i`ve been sending a change name request to the facebook team it has not been approved.pls help my email is

  • Ron Skutnik

    We have a relative who has a drug and alchol problem. She recently started harrassing everyone in the extended family by verbally bashing and stating threats (legal) because she works at a law firm as a receptionist. We are concerned about what she will start posting online here. Her father is 75 years old and doesn't need to be affected with her grief how do we stop her before it's to late.

  • Rachel Moyer

    can't get webcam profile pic onto proper place or into the album. please help me i'm new at this.also,a little slow at 66 yrs. thanks,ms.rachel

  • amine boutanane

    my name is amine boutanane… i will my account back please

  • Manika

    I had found this afternoon, someone is opened account in my name(Manika Thokar) with correct date of birth but with wrong status and my pictures. Also added my friend on this account. so i want to know, can face book team delete this account from face book?

  • Olusegun

    Hi FB, pls i dnt knw what happnd 2 my a/c, im havin problm adding friends…i cannot ad frnds again bcs of security check.,which wasnt thea b4,pls help me.

  • Brit Annie Hoddø McEwan

    Dear Facebook Team

    I wonder how I can close my sons, Thomas Høstlands account. He died in an accident August 2009, and we really want to close his account. Hoping for your answer at my e-mail-adress as soon as possible.

    Brit Annie Hoddø McEwan

  • Lori

    Why is there a warning sign on my facebook and it won't let me chat with my friends? I didn't do anything any different then I have since I have been on facebook. Please e-mail me what I need to do. THANKS!

  • theresa broccoli

    you have my e-mail as it is you have given me 3 confirmation numbers and
    still i am not able to get into facebook. why?



  • Victoria Watson

    Hi face book team,
    could you give Dennis Rahiim Watson my e-mail address please…

    Victoria watson…
    Thank you…

  • Michael Mink

    You can keep your facebook to yourselves as far as I am concerned and go to hell with it in fact as far as that goes I never liked you all in the first damned place stick it where the sun doesn't shine ass hole! This is Michael Lee Mink 03-28-1957 my wife has been upset over this all night and couldn't sleep and over a bunch of childish fools who think they run things maybe but not here as far as I care you're facebook team is not welcome in my house or on my computer and if I find out it was facebook who cost me to take the virus out yesterday I will be happy to sue and let her two daughters know they will never be welcome here since you like them instead of the mother who told you fools the truth about them!You all can go to hell fuck all of you at facebook team bastards! DEACTIVATE THIS ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY! Kiss my ass!

  • Judy B L

    You must IMMEDIATELY discontinue sending people messages saying that I want them to be my friend on FaceBook…it's my F/B and I want to make that decision!!! Stay out of it, PLEASE! It's embarrassing and invades my privacy! Either stop immediately or I will discontinue my use and suggest that others with like-minded requests do the same.

  • Niranjan Kulkarni

    I have got an idea to suggest to make the socializing experience of facebook even more interesting. This will also help facebook on getting a lot of business from various music, film and art industries Provide me with an authentic facebook team contact and I will suggest the idea. Mail me on my email-id: Hope to see your response

  • Rick

    It keeps saying An error occurred and i cant talk to lots of ppl i can take to some but not all

  • ahmedmj rabi

    i cant chart on my face book

  • vivian

    my fb and hotmail account has been hacked..
    how i can get it back?

  • zulfa hardana

    chip poker saya telah di curi tanpa sepengetahuan saya, dan saya berharap chip saya bisa kembali sebesar 21 m

    mohon bantu saya tim facebook

    terima kasih

  • zulfa hardana

    tolong saya chip saya sebesar 21 m telah di curi tanpa sepengetahuan saya

    saya mohon chip saya bisa kembali

    karena mencuri adalah perbuatan yang ilegal

  • Patty Rodgers Hayek

    I cannot comment to anything sent to my wall or anyone else's. I cannot upload photo's or change any of my info..Whats going on????

  • Brenda

    My name is Brenda Taylor and I was on Facebook last week for about 3 days,the next thing I know I could not get back on it, it would not take my password or nothing. I have tried to get back and I just don't know what else to do. I have family on their too. I would like to start all over again how can I go about doing that. You can also email me at

  • Bob Sheriff

    I have been on facebook a couple of years.
    Now you have kicked me off!!!!!!!!! Why???????
    I have asked for conformation but nothing comes back.
    Looks like your programmers need a few lessons.
    Maybe Bill Gates can help you.

  • edward dupras

    I'm 78 yrs old. How do you unsubscribe entirely from facebook?

  • andirocka holic

    please restore my account has been taken of other people.!

  • Mitra Adasani

    hello, my face book account has been disable since 5 days i had launch a complaint but yet i did not got any rply plz help me 4 dis and re activate my account i did not got any warning and i did not done any mistake or i had not overrule any terms and condition ma email id is:-
    plz help me….. as fast as possible and tel me if there is requirement…. plz plz plz…..

  • Vojislav MEdic

    Why friends cant coment, write on walls and like other friends statuses EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT ON PROHIBITED LIST ???
    That is serious bug… deal with it !!!

  • Gloria Fleming

    Why do facebook keep blocking me when I try to add friends that has been sent for me to confirm. I am not abusing the program. After I have added one or two friends facebook acuse me of abusing the program. What is going on with this situation

  • Ronaldo La Rosa

    One of my friends is not listed at my facebook list..Please help I can't send him/her a message using facebook when he/she is online..

  • jessie gillard

    i do not appreciate gettingclose out of facebook.because of some misspelling in my email address.i need to be turn back on.and my email is not

  • Emanuel Guerrero

    i have a question over my profile…..someone wrote something on my wall….but on my wall its says (this post is not available anymore) and my friend which wrote on my wall 2 hrs ago and wont let me access the post she wrote on my wall…is there way to change and let me see what they wrote..i need a answer plz

  • geraldine burk

    Can't figure out what happened to my facebook.
    When I click on a email link to facebook to make a comment, I get a blank page that says:
    Login password___________

    I put my password in and my computer only makes a "click"






  • frankgubser

    You have a player named Bryan Cooper using four letter vocabulary on

  • john eric lile

    please can you tell me if my face book has been disabled because i have violated any of the terms and conditions .I canot think of any reason why its been bloked i even tell my kids off for swearing on there. please let me know as soon as pos many thanks john

  • Tashfia Shahrin

    dear face book team, since two days i am not able 2 read the msg. i get the notification of msg but when i click nothing comes rather a blank page comes the same thing happen when i want to be online . n0w neither i can chat nor send msg so, pls help me :(

  • carlie hensley

    Hello,I havent been able to logon to my facebook acct for a week now and ive tried resetting my password confirming it and everything. i have even sent emails to the facebook team trying to get help and i get no response.. all i want is to be able to get back on facebook.. please help me with this i would appreciate it very much

  • Modesto Rosales

    why you guys don't give more caracteres on the spot "what is in your mind" I was frustrated again because my coment didn't passed because of that. Thanks.

  • nqobza

    I have been trying for months to deacitave or delllelte my facebook accunt and its just not happening. Its getting to apoint where its very frustrating. I follow all the steps please hlp I t wan this account anymore.

  • Bill Hasan

    Dear Facebook team, for about two weeks, every time I try and log into Facebook, I am asked for my password. I am asked for it every time. Once I log in, everything's o.k. This is the first time this has happened.Could someone please explain as to why this is happening. Thanks

  • Bill Hasan

    Dear Facebook team, each and every time I try and log into Facebook. I'm asked for my password.
    This has been going on for about two weeks. Could someone please let me know why this is happening.

  • Sicelo Ngwenya

    How do I unsubscribe from facebook. Its causing a lot of problems for me

  • Bob White

    My question is when I get a post on my wall it come into my e-mail inbox I have tried to find a way to stop it. How can I do that?


  • Bob White

    I sent an e-mail a few minutes ago and am not sure it went through it it did disregard this one.My question is when I get a post on my wall it also goes to my inbox in my e-mail how can I stop that? I have looked and did not find out how to stop it


  • mary lanehart

    When i first join fb i was able to see all the cute gift/pictures my friends would send to me. They keep telling me their sending me stuff, but i cant c it. why is that? did u guys change anything? u have 80percent who use their cell phone to go onto fb. can u fix it???????pleeeeeeze!

  • maggie berg

    I have forgotten my password and have done all that I was asked to do to create a new one and nothing is happening! No e-mail response and no text messages to my cell phone. I need to talk with someone if possible. Thanks Maggie

  • madian

    I want to change my username on facebook plz. cant chage it need your help

  • Timothy

    Brandon Watkins and Jason Mango are using filthy language for all to see. They do it blatantly to abuse civilized society. Why won't you remove all of those people that are abusive and offensive to all of us?

  • Timothy

    Would it be incongruous with your policies to prevent foul language? Maybe have an automatic admonishment and an automatic delete. Then, if there is a second instance, lock the account for a prescribed amount of time. If there is a third instance, ban that person from FaceBook. These same actions and policies could be implemented for pornography or inappropriate pictures and images.

  • Brenda Johnson

    I was just wonderlng if I filled out my facebook correctly! When I go into facebook, my first thing says Welcome instead of Wall. I don't have my picture on there yet, but when I tried to sign up, I made up my password and it kept telling me that it wasn't correct and to re-enter it. I have never signed up in the past, so why doesn't it show all my info about being married, etc. on the left side, which would be under my picture if I had one? I like to never got signed up, now I can't hardly find myself on facebook when I look for messages, etc. from my friends??? Please let me no if I've done something wrong. I used our e-mail address, therefore no one else could have signed me up without me knowing could they??? Please read and let me no the answer to my question. Thank you very much Brenda

  • bert gelmine

    About every other day nothing comes up when I when I click on "friends"–either home, wall or profile. then everything works fine for one day and then not the next.

  • nishanthi

    I cant comment on any post or send any friend request. and cant read my messages…when i click like it doesnt work. i cant share notification keep staying there notified even when i have finished reading them…please help me…its almost more than 24 hours.

  • frankie holt

    i seem to have picked up a bug .every time i log onto fb it says i do not have access because i have not proven that i am human Does any body out there have a solution

  • frankie holt

    so what is being done about my problem with"not being human""/???

  • Josephine

    I have inavertatly signed up twice to facebook.
    Josepine Befort is the same as Josephine Befort. I am one person and maybe be4acause of my cataractt and age I missed the h in my name trying to get back to my page on facebook.
    Thanks. Hoping you can crrect this.

  • Osheen Lindsay

    i can't access my facebook account .i sent several expired and invalid pages and it is still not login me in

  • sakshi

    some one take my profile picture n make fake id n in it he abuses me
    i want to shut dat email address i hope u will help me
    thanks n n name is i hate sakshi bhayana

  • arlene clark

    I have tried resetting password for hrs starting from fri and it just keeps coming on and telling me to reset all the time .I just would like to know what is going on.The comfirmation code the gave I putin.this the only code I have never was given one.please help me. you tod me togo on passwor reset doesn't work and login help don't work eithr.don'tknow my url. it may be

  • marilyn rowe

    For some reason i don't have a profile or friends picture or a block this person, they disappeared and i don't know how to get them back. The names are there but no pictures. Could you please tell me how to do it ? Thank you. Marilyn Rowe

  • arleneclark

    I have tried getting back in to facebook.tried everything,don't know my url

  • arlene clark

    I think I gave already, faceook wo'nt let me in when I press my name diane williams comes on.I hope I haven't been hacked.I don't have anything they need

  • Raveena

    can you please help me my acount is been suspended and i have no idea why.i want my facebook acount back ,i been using facebook for 3 years now.

  • hassan

    i will pay 200 usd if any one can open my disabled account

  • hassan

    if facebook dont want to give me my account back for free i will pay them

  • lesly

    I can't go on my Facebook account
    Every time I try to log on it says my account has been disabled
    I don't even know y it got disabled I'm so mad


    I am Evangelist Easter Williams,I have nearly 5,000 viewers on my wall.I do not appreciate being disable from your site when I did nothing wrong.As soon as I made a comment about President Obama,and his speech to the kids,my account was disable.I did not use any profanity like I have encounter many viewer using nasty words on their wall.Those are the one should have been disable.I am starting a petition as well as writing to the editors in ALL papers to ban everyone from this site.I feel like my rights have been taken from me,therefore,I am taking All means possible that you do not even have one left on your site.

  • Evang. Easter

    This is what going to happen when JESUS come,some of you are going to be slow dragging with the devil.The devil did not like what I share on my wall.So what these pharisees did,they responded by asking you all to disable me.We have all different types of people where many are going to agree and many are going to disagree.As ones who are over this site,suppose to have WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE,
    and COMMON SENSE. Do any of you have a child.I do not want my grandchildren growing up with hatred in their heart for ANYONE.why? because this earth which we are on,it is temporary,I would not want my children or my grands growing up with hatred in their heart,I do not want to cause destruction in their life.I do not care who is the President of the U.S. I will not ever tell my grands or anyone do not listen to the President,How do people sleep at night with so much of hostility.May God Bless and continue to look down upon our children of the world.

  • shyam

    My facebook profile has been disabled without received any message and warning.
    may i know how its happen ? is my id

  • Evang. Easter Williams

    Evangelist Easter Williams
    This message is to Mark Zuckerberg,
    I was remove from FB,for no apparently reason,My wall also has been deleted.But first you must know I do have a copy of my last message I wrote on my wall,I am also pursueing to take the message all around the world and speak about it,I did not ask for my friends,I confirm them,I used this site for a Ministry,and really enjoyed it.As soon as I made a comment or my opinion concerning President Obama,my wall was deleted.We can see half naked people on FB,We can use All kind of lanuage on FB,we can read about things that does cause confusion with husband and wife,but then,no disable.I feel like my rights have been taken away from me with no warnings,nothing to let me know why my account has closed.But one thing for sure,I do have thousands who are concern of why am I not on FB anymore,also commented,through God using me,I gave them a reason to live.Remember,Mark,this is on your hands,I do not have anything to say to the FB team,because I realize not one on there is not save,why? because,this would not have happen.So you can tell them for me,sorry,you were a little slow,I do have a copy of my last comment on my wall,and plan to pursue it to the fullest.
    Evangelist Easter Williams

  • Váli András

    Good Morning dear Facebook guys!!!I really like surfing on Facebook and never anything extrem happened to me…But today a girl ,named Victoria John disabled my account….This is why I turning to you….To let me logging back…I do not know why she did this, she had written about homosexuality and things I disagree with , and she wrote back , she would deportating me from her country…wich is a little ridicoulous, never has been trouble with the law in more than 15 countries where I lived…So the question is , how come she makes me disabled from your forum, when she provoked out the situation and she useing nazi slogans like "deportation" towards me…How can it be happen , that she after what she written can makes me trouble…meaning disbling my account on Facebook!!!—-Today was the first time I ever written to her ,we never known each other untill now!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • ashanti

    FACEBOOK TEAM PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! USER WITH NAME ABASQULU SADLINSKI OPENED FAKE PROFILE AND USE MY FRIENDS PHOTO.AND NAME THE SAME AS MY FRIENDS NAME!!!!!!!!! look this is fake and her friends send reports to Facebook for several times but u didnt closed !!!!!!!!! why???

  • Linda

    I can not login into my account, have reset password, doesn't work, deleted cookies, deleted files, done everything facebook team ask me to do! I want my facebook account back please…this is the only way I can communicate with family and kids. I have received facebook emails that i can't open. appreciate it if you can please help me. Thanks

  • richard sauls

    i recieved a conformation from a friend of mine named roberta stewart campbell when i tried to confirm it it would not let me and when i tried to find her it said it could not find her i would like to get in touch with her what can i do

  • Maybelle

    Hello Facebook Team Iwant my old facebook account back. I had my profile and many friends and family on it. You have set me up and want me to do all over again. My old email was I could not remember password. I started using too many hoping to hit right one.
    You set me up with a new account You will be able to find it as I sent many requests tonight. I am hoping you can help me get my old account back.
    Mannie job 42

  • mikayla

    ok uh… why was my face book account disabled you fucking cowards

  • anita

    i deleted my facebook notification for pokes– and photo request the links arent there anymore to click so i cant answer (i clicked by mistake ) where it says to hide or if i dont want to log out (like not to receive them anymore) i keep getting demands to get my photos as im the owner of them but it doesnt work (the blue links are gone ) please tell me what to do to restore them (they are not in the fb notifications thanks i hope ill get an answer soon

  • pat hanson sanchez

    hello i HAD a facebook account and i put ONE PICTURE on MY ALBUM and they deleted my account. sorry for the pic but you could have deleted the pic NOT MY ACCOUNT. I have spent alot of man hours with my Happy Aquarium and now my fish are not being attended to. . .why did you delete my whole account and not just the pic ????. . .sorry and i really want my page back. . thats the only way i have contact with all my old friends and family. . .PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY PAGE AS IS WHEN YOU DELETED IT. THANKS PATTY HANSON SANCHEZ

  • anita

    by mistake i clicked on (to unsuscribe) so i lost my pokes and photo request links i cant reply anymore and i wuld like to get it back i dont know where to go to get the links back its not in the notifications (those links are when i get e mail please i would like them back thanks (the blue links arent there so i cant click on them anymore ) please let me know what to do thanks(( you just send me a email and its not for me)))

  • Dawit Girma

    I'm trying to delet one of my account and I can't log in to it because used a fake birth date and I forgot it

  • aery

    deactivated my account because I was wrong because a photo is very useful for me facebook facebook most of my life I beg you give me help to reactivate my account which has more than 1200 friends

  • chris hills

    i made A group anyone who thinks beth and latronda are assholes and it got deleted and someone made a group called chris hills is a creeper istn that violating the facebook terms and i would like the group off facebook for good or find the person who made it and deactivate their account thank you.

  • donnie short

    i have waited five days for a response from facebook as to why my profile was disabled i dont what did wrong and would like to get my access back can someone please contact me and let me know what is going on thank you

  • Collins ifeanyi

    I cannt log in to my account

  • Peter Memafu

    Dear Facebook Team

    I am providing my bank details because I feel that I need to be paid at least $100 per day for promoting facebook page which I created called “Madang Visitors & Cultural Bureau (MV&CB;)”

    You will notice weekly summaries of how well this facebook page of mine is doing

    This Weeks Summary is:
    20 monthly active users 3 since last week
    414 people like this 3 since last week
    0 wall posts and comments this week 2 since last week
    220 visits this week 23 since last week

    I now want to close down the page and no longer will require the use of facebook, however if you are able to consider my offer than I will gladly keep it running and start regular updates to attract more people…I really don't have anything to loose or gain by removing the page completely

    My Bank Details:
    Centre for Rural Development Resources Incorporated
    Bank of South Pacific, Madang Branch
    BSB: 088 953
    Account No: 1001396625
    Swift Code: BOSPPGPM


    Peter Memafu

  • hayder

    is for real that the facebook have monthly awards for 15 user names from the 5 continents?

  • yahiya

    Hi, am yahiya from india.i usually browse through my cellphone server.and am not able to confirm ma FB account nd wen i do so i get warnin msgs nd block msgs.pls i hope u can help me out contacts r waitin to get me in FB.THANX.

  • mariemaker

    how do i add a friend but not let 1 person on my friends list see that i have added a new friend for ex………say i added mandy but didnt want steve to see that ive added mandy ????

  • Lisione da Silva

    I am furious with Facebook because my account is unavailable, they do not allow me to access my acount and I cannot restore it. This is an aggravation. Not honest. Even if they say they are protecting my privacy I do not accept it because I am following their instructions and the Security Code they gave me is not working at all (expired in a few minutes) and they do not give me a new one. This Facebook is a real mess!!!They do not give you enough technical support to solve these problems they create.

  • betty conwell

    I have been trying to get on facebook foir some time now, and i tried to use the same e-mail as above with the same password, and it wouldn,t let me, so i went with, my password is sabrina. it wouldn't let me what am i doing wrong? i really want to get on facebook, but nothing has worked, how can i erase he e-mail above and do a new one? even though i would really like to keep the one above, please help so i can enjoy facebook to. Sencerly betty conwell

  • yanick veddi

    i am fed up with the facebook password reset procedures but does not even work and if by chance it works just after the first login, the next one
    getting the response that my password is incorrect. As suggested by the Team, I’ve changed it so many times in order to gain access but only once did it work. even the confirmation code does not work.please help me retrieve my email is

  • Diane Scrivner

    Facebook Team, Please help me, I can't get back on facebook. I've changed my password once and hope that I don't need to again and I know that I'm putting in the right password but you still won't let me in, you keep saying that it's not me and I've done all I can to let you know that it is me, I've given you info from my profile on facebook and named friends of mine from facebook and still I get nothing. If I need a new password because you think someone stole it or changed it or maybe someone doesn't want me on facebook any more, I don't know what it is but please let my know what I need to do to get back on Facebook. Thank you

  • percita quico quico

    dear facebook team, im here to ask u a favor , i change my email address because somebody trying to access my account , so how can i get the email confirmation that email i use to change is cancel or it dosn't work what can i do ? my recent email is and password 03121979 ,and i use to change was this account cant recieve msg. pls help me.. merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • pete cline

    i have being having trouble for weeks trying to get on facebook, i see others have too. what is the problem. have tryed everthing i know to do just cant get it going. the one thing that is wrong is the spelling of my email the wrong one is ( just cant get it changed. i think thats the only big problem ?.facebook says they have sended a code to that email, but i cant get it, since it isnt mine. i am very green at this so i think,if you guys can help please ,please., my facebook is pete cline at gilbert, wv.

  • windy

    i have accunt and they said i need a code number whats up with that i face book calling me a liar i am getting pretty mad my sister did not have to have a code number and why me i would like to know some one fron the face book support team better get in touch with me asap or i will go to the news and the bbb and al my friends not to join face book becauce of what you are doing to me thanks tke care of the problem soon

  • patricia miller

    my twin grandson's are thirteen now and would like to have their own facebook page, i tried everything, but it doesn't help most of their friends are already on there- please help!
    thank you

  • Yassin Ngereja

    Hey facebook team.
    My facebook account has been blocked temporarly.In order to restore the password in step two of your form,you adviced me to get key words through my email.The keys are not in yet,or may be deleted accidentally.But all I berg is my account come to life with no changes in a short possible time.Am ready to comply with any process for restoration.

  • Marti

    I received a inbox message from Suzzan Owens from the facebook team claiming that I've won 300,000.00 Great Britain pounds and hp Laptop in the ongoing facebook most social networking sites Promotion and want to know if this is a scam. The batch Number and reference number was send to me with Mr Johnson Edward's name and telephone number and facebook team email address. Could you help me in this matter?

  • William Stewart

    I had posted earlier that I had removed all relevant material from my Facebook page as the autoFilter on the "Who do you admire" edit profile page told me I could not use the word "GOD" in that section… I am not even a Christian, am, instead, a Buddhist and admire many forms of life and entities, BUT, I will not be told that I "CANNOT" admire "God"…………………………………………………….



  • William Stewart

    I have deleted most of the info on my facebook page BECAUSE: 1. the auto filter on my "who do you admire" editing said "You can not use that name" in reference to God… 2, the ABOVE

  • Gabriel hakunavanhu

    Can you help me please my face account is blocked again

  • crystal

    i would like to know if i can even get a response to this question. my son had an account but did not understand the importance of the birthdate info and entered an invalid date. when we realized this we reported it and tried to get the date changed. instead of any info from fb all he got was a disabled account and i cannot find any info on how to fix this poroblem.

  • crystal

    i think that the "facebook team" is a crock, simply because there is no helpful info anywhere from them. seems like if we want to use fb we are all on our own to figure out our problems. we already gave them our info and there is no way to keep it from them. who's to say you do hacked from a stranger its probably fb themselves. there is no one to say it is not.

  • Clifford Board

    I'm having a problem with my zuma and farmville . it keeps saying You need to use http instead of https , please help me with this problem . thank you very much .

  • allen board

    Hello !! Facebook team I need your help . My facebook zuma won't let me access my zuma !! It comes up with this stupid line that says you need to use http.// instead of https:// . I don't know where this came from but I need you to fix this for me thanks Clifford Allen board

  • Farzaneh

    I want to change my name but I reached the maximum limit of change because before my name didn't change and I waited for 48 hours even 1 week and I had to try it every night but nothing happened. This is a problem because maybe someone wants to change his name several times and trying to change without getting the result shouldn't cause to reach the limitation! Please consider this matter and fix the system and let me know. I would appreciate your cooperation.
    Thank you, Farzaneh


  • hendri jk

    Hendri jk I name, I have a problem derngan my facebook account, I beg for your facebook account I can be active again, and I promised the facebook team I will not repeat mistakes again, and I actually begged the facebook team for help for my facebook active return

  • Alan Taylor

    I recently tried to set up a FB page. I had one previously, but requested FB to delete it, and all the data they held on me.

    They now say I can't set up a page due to violation of their statement on rights and responsibilities.

    Presumably my request to be deleted has been interpreted somewhere as their decision to delete me, hence their response.

    Seems not clever to prevent people change their minds, and on top of that sending really offensive emails listing the things I might have done when all I did was request they delete the data they held on me.

  • fidelix blessing

    I have been trying to log in to my facebook account,and you are not givig the accesse to log in.Please i am the owner of the account and i want you to give me the accese code. thank you.

  • noyan

    i really need your help..
    i think someone has hack my account..
    im unable to to view my profile..
    he has change my password and even my email address…
    what can you advise me to do..
    i can't abort that account,
    because i have some important friend to that account..
    and i even has some necessary work..
    how to view and change that account??
    how to solve all this??

  • noyan

    i really need help….
    i have an account in facebook,
    and i think someone has hack my account..
    he change my password and even my email address in facebook..
    how can i obtain my account??
    how can i recovered my account??
    i really need that account..

  • eugene

    Am informed that my account is temperally closed,cause I wanted to change my email.I was told an will be sent to that is security code so that I can go on to change but upto now to no avail.I am missing my contacts with my friends.Can you advice as this is agent

  • Monique

    Dear Facebook Team,

    My facebook acc has been hacked by someone i don't know who. So i deleted my Hotmail acc and when i go to facebook it wouldn't let me in because i already delete it. But the hacker still on my facebook account. The hacker change to someones face and put it in as the profile picture. Can you please delete that facebook account, i would be delightful. The name on facebook is Moniquee Dagama.

    Best regards,

  • donna bryson

    My computer caught a virus frm my previous fb account( page) and no longer has a virus i want to regain my old account without starting al over again wth a new account how do i restart frm the previous account?? i tried and it was unsucessful………PLEAS HELP!!!!!!

  • Dorothy Montano

    how do i close fb account

  • Sara Marsilio

    ok Facebook…I'm getting frustrated because for some reason I can't log in. I've tried many times and all it says that my account no longer exists; it doesn't recognize my password. I'm wondering what is going on and I really hope this isn't a permanent thing because I have pictures and videos that I don't want lost…not to mention all my friends. I hope you guys are on top of this seeing as this isn't just me…I would really like my account back.

  • robert muncey jr

    how can i get rid of a hacker who got into my personal info, his name is Tom muncey he lives in london england, please help me.

  • graham

    my page is blocked by security and i dont no how this happened
    its saying its temporailly locked the last few weeks
    can someone help ?

  • Albert

    I cannot get back into face book. I have tried all different ways, but I can't remembert the account name or password. How can I dump the whole thing and start over. Right now I can't do a thing because it keeps comming back "you have an account at theis e-mail address.

    Albert Soriano

  • christina jussaume

    Your friends edit feature does not work. I have tried to delete some people that I no longer am in contact with and it does not do this…


    sometimes i can't enter my own group…why is this happening…please answer me !!!!
    the name of the group is "THIS IS BLACK METAL"
    the url is

  • Coolstephie

    Facebook won't let me In open view my Profile,,, Only I click profile,, then it Homepage!! :(,, Can't open my profile,, it happen Last June 29th,,, I want MY view porfile BACK please! I try everything Fix it,, it NOT WORK!!, Please Fix it,,, it same some Peolpe too,,,,Help me,,,,?

  • Domenique Thomas

    I have a question

    I recently was blocked from facebook,so now I got the option to choose 3 friends to send codes t, so that I can you the codes to get my account back.

    One problem…. I cannot send the codes because facebook keeps telling me "email error,try again later"

    This is getting annoying and I tried every day for the passed month to send these codes. PLEASE HELP

    Email me on and tell me what to do please

  • Farzaneh

    I want to change my name but I reached the maximum limit of change because before my name didn’t change and I waited for 48 hours even 1 week and I had to try it every night but nothing happened. This is a problem because maybe someone wants to change his name several times and trying to change without getting the result shouldn’t cause to reach the limitation! Please consider this matter and fix the system and let me know. I would appreciate your cooperation.
    Thank you, Farzaneh

    May 17/2011

  • david oji

    Please send the messages to dave neely and hi pictures to his post,and grant miller, and trevor shaw too. Imeant it for them , but they are in my postwall.Thanks.

  • Jhen Javier

    To whom its my concern,
    Hi, have ablessed & nice day to everyone. I just want to know something regarding from my own page that i was created "PURE HEART & PURE LOVE AGAINST FLIRTING" That page stolen from me by two admin & they kick me out of the page. They using it for their own personal revenge. They made it nasty, rude & horrable. And also they stole my picture & they put it in the page profile picture. I was requesting to those two admin so many times to delete the page, but they never & they dont want to delete it and continue doing that so. Me & my friends reported it so many times but i think it never help to delete the page. Pls help me to delete the page if possible or pls send me any help for deleting that page. Pls i want to know if theres anyway to delete it.

    Best regards,

  • Boyd Lynch

    when I put something on Face Book, my wife dosn'st see it on hers Why?

  • mary rose t. santos

    please pleas, lewd photos of myself was place in facebook without my knowledge. please activate my account so i can delete it. he is being charged now for this. please ac tivate my account. thank you

  • mary rose santos

    dear sir, please activate my facebook account. my former bf published lewd photos of me without my knowledge which is being used now for leagal charges against him please activate my account i can give you my cell phone nr for you to verify the authenticity of my request. i already have submitted my NBI clearance too to your team. thank you

  • mary rose santos

    sir u said u have activated my account. but it is still disbled even if i use my password. please sir activated my accoutn or text me my PW. thank you mary rose

  • mary rose santos

    please facebook team, delete my photos in the facebook account MARY ROSE SANTOS. that can be searched with the enclosed picture that i emailed you numerous times. i dont know the email name and the PW to open this account because my former boy friend, who is now under litigation in court, place my private photos without my knowledge. please sir. thank you. this is just one of my several appeals to your team. more power to the team sir. MARY ROSE SANTOS.

  • ezequiel

    Dear facebook team my account was dissabbled today and now i cant contact with my family can you please help thanks you so much if you do

  • Dil Ang

    I want to open my friend request

  • tarpin

    i want to know when my facebook account will be undisabled so i can get back on. also would like to know if my account will be like it was before this happened.

  • tarpin

    please e-mail me the answers i need.

  • Mutinta Muchangwe

    i have 2 facebook accouts with the same username,email address and want to deactivate one account i created first but i have being falling becoz the details are the same.pliz help

  • franca

    a friend used my phone number 2348056368060 to verify her account ever since then i have not been able to access my account because i reg istered using my phone even after she has deleted the number from her account

  • shine

    My doughter's account was taken by somebody and editing her password last august 3, 9:22pm., how could be block or recover it?

  • shine

    the problem is on public internet cafe, automatically shut off the computer without logout, how can we secure our account? I afraid if some stupid guy use it o scam. please help us, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a victim of phishing and got as far as the security question but said it does not match. what is the next step and what do my friends need to do to identify my account?

  • ellie

    I do not know any of the people on the Find Friends list on my page. Is it possible to find anyone from Oswego,Ks : Altamont, Ks. :Parsons, Ks. area in Labette county Ks . Please take the current list off my find friends. I really have enough friends at this time. Is this possible ? Please send me an answer.?

  • ellie

    Facebook, I am unhappy that I can no longer find a list of my closest friends & relatives. Have you changed something. Why do you not leave things alone that are working for us that do not have time to play around. I do not like any games. They waste my time.

  • sonja

    Eventually I can speak to you!!! I am not at all clued up with technology!!! I only started using the internet a short while ago. During this period I had to change my email address several times, because when I type in a facebook address to sign in, subscribe, register or whatever you call it, and I GO BACK TO MY EMAILS WHICH ARE ON G MAIL, g mail didn't want to accept my email address and password!! Now I am scared of going onto Facebook. I do not want to meet friends necessarily, I want to write comments on the fanpages of celebrities. That is basically all!! Maybe I do not understand the terminology. To me my EMAIL address is the address and password I use to get into GMAIL to access my emails that were sent to me. Do i need a different address and password for facebook? If you also refer to it as an EMAIL address, how do I know that my FACEBOOK "EMAIL" ADDRESS and my GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS do not get mixed up and which is which???? It is very embarassing to let everyone know that my email address has changed once again!!!! They probably think I'm crazy or something!! I am really scared to try Facebook. It happened too often that I couldn't get to my emails in gmail again when using my original email (gmail) address and password. Can you help!! Please advise a "technologically disadvantaged" person!!!! My email address (normal one, Gmail, where I receive emails) is

  • Girish Joshi

    I create Page with the name of "MAA BHAGWATI" and upload pics there but now that page status changed as community and I am unable to access that page from my account. Can someone help me out and get that page back to my profile.

    Earlier I am using that page but from last week it's become un-accessable for me.

  • Poeta YelbaClarissa Berrios Molieri

    I HAVE BEEN DENOUNCED DUE TO HATRED OR CERTAIN POETS, I AM A SUCCESFUL WRITER You wrote saying I can not publish for two days. The FB team can not, let three people denounce another member of your comunity aout of envy. People love me and I am not going to let sick minds get away with these, I ave piblish beauty…..PLEASE STOP THIS CHAIN OF HATRED, MANY OF US HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF EVIL FEELINGS, JUST BECAUSE YOUR POLICIES ALLOW PEOPLE TO DO THIS..MY NAME IS Poeta YelbaClarissa Berrios Molieri and I need your help!!!!!!! Get into my page, please. Evil is in the midst of this denounce and I want to Know to which link should I write in order for people not to continue bothering me..Please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poeta YelbaClarissa Berrios Molieri

    Dear member of the Facebook Team: I have been repeatedly reported, due to certain pictures that I have published, The FB Team removes a picture, when three subjects denounce in the same day. That is not just for the rest of us, Today I was notified, that I am not able to publish in the next 48 hours. I would beg of you, to please change that policy, or investigate the denouncer and the relationship between them, PLEASE DO NOT LET ENVY HARM MY ACCONT ANY FURTHER..PLEASE CHANGE THAT POLICY.PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME, WILL WRITE TO YOU………I HAVE CHOSEN FACEBOOK AS MY SOCIAL NETWORK, BECAUSE I EXPECT SECURITY AND PROTECTION…ALL OF US DESERVE PROTECCION, AND NOT PROTECTED BY THE {EASY} WAY FB ALLOWS DENOUNCING OF MATERIAL, BE SUBJETS OF INJUSTICES LIKE THE ONE I AM BEING A VICTIM OF. PLEASE CHECK ALL OF MY MATERIAL. AND ALL YOU WILL FIND IS POETRY AND ART. Very truly yours: Poeta YelbaClarissa Berrios Molieri MEMBER EF THE FB FAMILY

  • Gloria Deshon Lacayo

    Gentlemen, like Yelba says, this is the work of the few, if you check Yelba's wall you'll see the amount of friends and admirers that she has, so how can you people be so responsive to the words of the few when there are so many of us givin……g her our support? The way I see it, you should be more concerned with the porno stuff that some hackers are putting into our walls without our knowledge. Also if some people don't like what her or somebody else writes, they don't have to read it, they can just unfriend her or block her, whatever it is they want to do, but not the things that they are doing. Another thing, if a person complains about someone, why don't you give out the name of the person complaining? If he/she thinks that they have a reason to complain, I don't see why they should hide; to begin with I think the person should first complain directly to the person and then to you. In other words gentlemen, I HERE BY GIVE MY COMPLETE SUPPORT TO YELBA'S WORK and want to continue reading it on fb.
    Gloria Deshon L

  • danilo

    Writing in support of Poeta YelbaClarissa Berrios Molieri's request! FB should support freedom of speech and revise policies to prevent injustices against its users and their friends.

  • Roger

    i can,t get in to your web site way

  • Ben Hanna

    i received a message from ur team telling me that i won 5,000,000$ USD the following is the copy of it so advise me it true or a fake

    We happily announce to you that your profile just completed It's 100% Gold
    Status membership which has qualified you for an award
    of USD2,500.000.00 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) by Facebook.

    You are therefore advised to contact our Executive Secretary for further
    directives on how to receive your award sum.

    Ensure to quote the following information for authentication:
    Full Names, Address and qualification numbers to the Executive Sec with
    your Gold Membership Qualification Numbers: (FB-57-20100, BB-456-76BB)

    Contact Person: Mrs. Florence Alison (Executive Secretary)

    Payment would be made to you and other qualified members not later than 7
    working days from the date of this notification.

    Note: Ensure to keep all winning information strictly confidential to
    avoid double claims which may lead to disqualification.

    Sincerely yours,
    Facebook Team

    In accordance with our policy and regulations, this notification is
    dispatched directly to 100% Gold status qualified members.
    ( © Copy Right 2011 Facebook . All Rights Reserved

  • carmenbaker

    i have an email 'from FB' telling me someone has tried to login using an unknown device from Melbourne Australia and if it wasn't me i should click onto a supplied link to protect my account information. is this a bogus request.

  • GHy Ernest

    I lost my chips texas holdem poker 15M bernilan I confided in me the value of illegal transactions if the texas holdem poker chips can restore it with the same value … beg your understanding

  • May Dagg

    I think i have a hacker interferring with my account. please send me an email address to contact you. thank you

  • darrell

    yes i was hacked into my computer on 12-1-11 by a hacker called facebook security…disabled my account completely…i have sent facebook all my info and a valid driver lis…which seemed odd to me but anyway i have been with facebook a long time , they said it would take up to two days to hear from them but nothing yet….can you please help me…my e mail is….name…darrell fulton….thks so much and have a great weekend!!

  • Denise Vaughn


  • Tania Redding

    Facebook has an entry in my name and it is not me, I have had problems with fraud and have had property stolen, like birth certificates & passports. I would like verification that this person is who they say they are as by Monday 16th January I will be reporting this to the Police to investigate.
    Telstra has been onto me with someone using my name as an email, this is now a problem.
    Please respond

  • robert bradford

    I cannot access my OLD facebook account.. it has the same name and e mail address as this one !! (and have lost contact with many of my friends because of this ) !! .. I have left many messages for the facebook team asking for help and have received no response .,,, WHY ????
    AND WHY have my posts been removed from the page !!!
    Robert Bradford …

  • http://GoogleChrome William C Roberge

    I’m having problems with Facebook games and facebook newsfeed, making comments etc. Any help would be great, thank you.

  • khatira

    Dear brothers,
    I have facebook Account under the name of khtira logari so now your team want to proceed security check i try my best to proceed the process but it is difficult for me .
    now i do not have access to my Account please help me to use my profile.

  • Ivan Szendro

    Two villages are connected through Facebook, very far from each other. 1/Nagygec, ruined, in Hungary, destroyed after the flood on the Romanian-Hungarian border. 2/ Piermont, NY, USA, turistic town on the Hudson. They are sister-villages since 2007. Thanks to the Facebook connection the people of ruined place have hope to bring back their community to life. What keeps them together is a similar Legend. What was the Facebook made for if not this!
    (1/ A Te Legendad, 2/The Legend of You)

  • John Croasdale

    l am unhappy with the outcome,that you have blocked me for 30 days for sending friend requests,you have got it wrong again,l know the people,otherwise l would not send the requests,lf you carry on helping me lose friends l will stop using facebook altogether,it’s your choice???/???

  • http://Facebook Lana Pierson

    (I would really Appreciate being unblocked by your Team~~~~…..Sincerely yours, Lana A Pierson @ 7/10/13 {Please RSVP…..

  • http://Facebook Lana Pierson

    I know what you mean…I got Blocked too for 30 for “Sending out Friend Requests to People I do not Know” too….Do “They” the Unknown FacebookTeamsters have to Hit Some kind of “Quota” in Order to keep Their Jobs???? And, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM???!!!!

  • http://Facebook Lana Pierson

    SINCERELY YOURS, 7/10/13

  • bagash ali

    Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this particular mountain, ‘Be taken on and thrown in
    the sea,’ and will not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he admits that will come to pass, it’ll be done
    for him. Although it does not make use of too much marketing hype, the Courtyard Louisville Northeast,
    is a pleasant surprise with regards to accommodations.
    In the Pakistan Ideology these zealots have wrecked Pakistan.

  • Beverly R langford

    I have never had a face book account, yet when I try to open one they tell me I have one. There 6 or 7 names that are the same as mine, but these people cant have the same e-mail address or the same pass word. So I want to know what is going on??????????

  • Abdelrahman Elmerghany

    It looks like you entered a slight misspelling of your email or username. We’ve corrected it for you, but ask that you re-enter your password for added security.

  • sonia

    Hello to the world i am very happy today that things are moving on fine with me and my family i am Mrs Sonia Tuck and i am from the carribean i was having problems with my husband who i have been with for over 10 years now the problem started when i wasn’t able to have babies we went to so many hospitals and nothing was wrong with us then the mother started troubling me and saying i must leave her son alone i was sad and felt very alone and my husband was drifting away from me and he started having affair with other women i was very downcasted and i sought for help until help came my way in the form of Dr Arewa of he told me he will make my husband love me again and make me have babies i believed him because he was the only hope i had and true to his words i gave birth to twins my husband loved me again and things started to work for the better for me i am so happy that i chose the help of this powerful spell caster you can contact him for all your problems for he is ready to solve them for you okay here is his mail one more time your daughter from the carribean Sonia Tuck