LG Brushes Shine with Titanium

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LG Shine Titanium
LG’s banking on a titanium finish to breathe new life into an already released phone. Towards the end of this month, LG will release the Shine Titanium Black, albeit only in select European countries.

Its previous iteration, the LG Shine, launched in the United Kingdom in February of this year. With this version, LG (in their press release, at least) is touting a more mature version of the phone that users will be eager to get their hands on.

Taking influence from futuristic trends, the LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ presents a handset with a mature and refined finish. Edgier than black and more chic than silver, LG Shine ‘Titanium Black’ combines the best of both looks and will allow both men and women to shine.

The featureset is identical to the metal-less shine, EDGE data speeds, integrated bluetooth, normal media functionality, and a 2 megapixel camera (lens from Schneider Kreuznach).

There aren’t any plans to bring this stateside, but you can easily import it if LG’s American lineup doesn’t suit your needs.

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