Microsoft Research keys in on phones of the future

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ms researchIn a revealing look at the future of cell phones, Microsoft Research showed a couple of concepts that are interesting. The big story is where things seem to be headed. The ideas focus around the concept that the phone is always with us and can do more for us.

The first was something called Fone+. This idea kind of builds on Foleo in that the cell phone is becoming a powerful computer. Fone+ would allow input from keyboards, viewing on large screens all while relying on the cell phone for computing power and connectivity. We are seeing this idea again from industry leaders or forefathers if you like, but the fact that this keeps coming up should tell us something. This is ideal for China where PC’s are far less common, so the phone is the access point.

The second idea discussed was for workouts. Your phone is smart, couple it to a heart rate monitor and it is smarter, it knows how hard you should be working out and could supply songs to increase/decrease your rate of training. Research has shown (along with my anecdotal evidence) that you run faster to a fast song and vice versa. Why not let a smart device feed your training?

The last idea presented was for sufferers of sleep apnea. The idea is the phone can monitor your breathing whilst you sleep and buzz a ring on your toe if it detects you’ve stopped breathing for a given length of time. A neat idea vs. CPAP masks that make you look like the robot that reattached Skywalker’s arm…

The main theme is cell phones are evolving into more. It is just data and software in a small, portable package. All that is needed is a good platform and a logical interface to allow us to access more of its capabilities. The road is clear, the cell phone is king.

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