Custom colors for your iPhone, from Colorware

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colorware custom iphone

Colorware has done some great work in the past with iPods, Sidekicks, notebooks and more (even Zunes) so I guess we should not be surprised that they have added the iPhone to their lineup. You can now get your iPhone customized in one of twenty-nine color combinations. You can choose to send in your own iPhone for $149, as long as you will be able to part with it for 8-10 days. If not you may want to just get a new 4GB model for $649 or an 8GB model for $749.

You can begin the process and choose your colors at and even choose to have your iPhone’s dock and headphones colored to match. With so many options to choose from it would be hard to decide. My biggest concern would that a few months down the road my color preference would change.

Read [Colorware] Via [TheAppleBlog]

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