Sennheiser Bluetooth headset for Gordon Gekko

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sennheiser bw 900If you know high-end audio, you know the Sennheiser name. A German company, they produce top notch audio equipment for many of todays recording stars. Today, the release the BW 900, a do-all Bluetooth headset. If you are a power player, like Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko, this is your headset.

Designed to be function in the office as well as on the go, the BW 900 has a 100 meter range (depending on the device) and offers sound quality that is designed to be superior for the user and for the caller. The unit’s boomlet is 180 degrees adjustable and the ear piece comes with 3 different sizing options.

Forget multiple headsets for different applications or units, the Sennheiser BW 900 allows connectivity simultaneously be it mobile, landlines or VOIP applications. A simple push of the button toggles you between them allowing your productivity to shine. The unit is powered by a hot-swap battery allowing you to change from main battery to alternate without dropping calls. This gives you the potential to go on about how “greed is good” for a virtual eternity.

All of a sudden, I realize I am not worthy of such a device. Are you?

Product Page [Sennheiser]

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