Logitech’s “ergonimic” Comfort Wave Keyboard

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logitech wave keyboard

Logitech announced the Wave Keyboard, designed to increase keyboard comfort with a new keyboard design that will not require you to relearn how to type. The new design for the keyboard is a wave key-frame design with a u-shaped curve and a cushioned, contoured palm rest. A new style for ergonomic keyboards with key placement that you will already be familiar with.

“According to a study at Harvard, for Logitech, the average person types approximately 2 million keystrokes every year. That’s equal to 200 hours of typing. The Logitech Wave Comfort Design will delight people by offering the perfect balance of comfort and usability.”

The Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard will be compatible with both Windows and Mac. The keyboard and mouse combination include an ambidextrous cordless laser mouse and both the keyboard and mouse have indicator lights to alert the user of a low battery. The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Keyboard and mouse combination will be available in late August for $89.99. The corded Logitech Wave Keyboard will be available in October for $49.99.

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