Amazon taking Prime Shipping international

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amazon prime internationalIn February of 2005, Amazon CEO announced a service called Amazon Prime. Consumers in the United States could obtain free 2-day shipping and discounted overnight shipping, for a yearly fee of $79.

This time of year is when companies hold their quarterly conference call, and Amazon was no different. In this call, it was revealed, Amazon announced their plan to bring the Amazon Prime service around the world. This program will start in Japan, and make its way throughout the world.

I have heard of this service before, and feel the same way about it as I did before; the amount of money it costs can only be justified by those who really buy multiple things off Amazon. The upside is, Amazon is reliable and convienient. The downside is that you may not get the best deal on Amazon 100% of the time.

Look out world, here comes some cheaper/free-er shipping.

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