Denon iPod network docks

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denon as-3
Two docks have been introduced by Denon at a special event. Both docks are of the AS-3 series of Network enabled client docks. The ASD-3N will be an Ethernet only dock whereas ASD-3W will be based on the 802.11g network.

They can be connected to any receiver, stereo or even TV to access video and audio from a local network. There is a remote control to enable users to navigate their way around their media and also to access TV setups which provide a visual for browsing through content. The iPod can also be attached to a special slot enabling them to share media from other devices.

The simpler version, ASD-3N will be in the market in August and retail for about $180 whereas the ASD-3W will only be available in September with a price of $230. The design for the gadget itself is cool and it might just be a hit with the audio/video savvy home users.

Via [Electronista]

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