The DeLorean coming back from the past

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The DeLorean has taken on kind of a cult status and when I think of a geeky car its the first to come to mind. With some luck it seems the DeLorean could be coming back with some new models soon. Currently the DeLorean was put to rest when the 1982 production year stopped, however that does not stop many of those approximately 9,000 cars that were produced in 1981 and 1982 to remain on the road. James Espey, vice president of DeLorean Motor estimates that about 6,500 of those 9,000 are still around. Not to bad for a car that has not been produced for about 25 years.

Currently DeLorean Motor has about 20 employees that rebuild about a dozen cars each year. The going rate for a DeLorean will cost you about $25,000 for the car and for a complete ground up restoration you can expect to pay $42,500. The current waiting list for restoration is eight months. So it seems that there is a pretty good demand for “new” looking models.

According to Espey there are just about 200 of the original 2.8 liter V-6 engines left and very little supply of cars available for rebuilding and this could lead to the DeLorean making a comeback. Of course they will not be a mass produced automobile and would be estimated at around 20 per year. With the refurbished models coming in at $42,500 it would make you wonder what the new produced ones will cost.

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