The soap-less Haier WasH20 washing machine

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Haier WasH20In today’s fast-paced society, it seems that everything is a “next generation” item. Everything seems to be upgrading to something bigger and better. Now, the washing machine is moving on to something bigger and better.

This new washing machine is destined to save you loads of money because it does not require soap or detergent. It works by breaking H2O (Water) molecules into H+ and OH- ions. In doing this, the OH- ion works to remove the stain off the clothes and the H+ ion works to clean the clothes. The washing machine is currently only available in France for $957.00 or 699 Euros; it will be on sale in the US in a few years.

It seems to me that if you wish to invest in something that will pay off in the long run, this new washing machine is the perfect one for you.

Via [Freshome]

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  • ahmed

    what about electricity consumption! it will consume more than normal washing machines? what is the percentage ? hope someone will answer me!

  • Lois


  • brian

    Having split up the water to do the cleaning what are we draining away. and will the sewage works putup with it???