Logitech’s G15 Gaming Keyboard

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logitech g15 keyboard

Logitech has announced the G15 Gaming Keyboard. The G15 features an integrated LCD panel that has built in support for World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2142 and Quake Wars with an available software development kit that will allow gamers to program any game.

The G15 has six programmable keys with three modes for each, making a total of 18 hot keys for each game or application with a “game mode switch” that will disable the Windows key. The keyboard will also recognize when a specific game has been launched so your hot keys will be ready to play when you are. In addition to the LCD display the G15 also has backlight keys and 2 USB ports so you can attach your headset and mouse.

The Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard will be available this September and is expected to retail for $99.95.

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