Details on Dell’s Latitude XT tablet leak

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Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Dell has been very hush-hush about their upcoming line of Latitude XT tablet PCs. But our friends over at Engadget have the low-down on what dell will be putting into this thing.

The XT will have a single or dual core Intel ULV CPU, with crummy integrated graphics, but who plans on gaming with their tablet? The display will come in at 1280 x 800 and be LED-backlit with the option of an outdoor viewing option. The standard USB ports (3), ethernet, firewire, and VGA out.

Other options and features include WiFi options all the way up to 802.11n along with bluetooth. Other networking includes an optional 3G card (HSDPA, EV-DO Rev. A). To top it off the tablet has an ExpressCard slot, option Smart Card slot, and a fingerprint reader.

This is definitely a feature-packed tablet, but it still doesn’t explain Dell’s weird YouTube marketing. (If you’re going to destroy something, you may as well blow it up Dell.)

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