9 out of 10 Americans say its dangerous to text while driving

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Texting While Driving91% of Americans think that sending a text message while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving, however 57% still admit doing it.

89% of the people surveyed believe that texting while driving is dangerous and should be outlawed.

66% of the people surveyed admit to reading either an email or a text message while driving, while 57% of those admitted to sending a message.

This survey had 2,049 participants and found that both men and women were just as guilty but younger people were sending messages more often. Of the people that admitted to sending a message 64% were between 18-34 and just 6% were 55 or older. This survey comes just a few months after Washington State became the first to ban sending a text message while driving, and several other states including New York have begun to introduce legislation to also make it illegal.

I would imagine that just because people think or believe that something is dangerous it may not stop them from doing it, after all it is not illegal and in most cases it is not something they would get in trouble for. Even as someone who uses text messages daily for communication, I can honestly say that I never send or read a text message while driving. I have sat for a few extra seconds at a green light, and while annoying to the driver behind me at least I was not putting anyone in danger. So lets just accept the fact its dangerous and just not do it. Why do we seem to need a law to tell us this?

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