Garmin introduces Forerunner 50 sport watch with automatic wireless sync

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Forerunner 50Garmin has announced its new Forerunner 50 sport watch which helps sportsmen keeps track of their workout progress. The Forerunner 50 can wirelessly interfaces with a heart rate monitor or a foot pad to monitor your speed and distance which is easy to use as the devices will activate upon movement. Other than that, Forerunner 50 also includes a wireless USB ANT Stick where you can transfer all your workout data into your PC and share them on Garmin’s online training site.

The Forerunner 50 is expected to be available in October and it will be packed in 3 different packages which are, with a heart rate monitor for $99, with a foot pad for $149 and one with both devices for $199.

Via [Garmin]

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