3 out 4 downloaders shun Firefox; quick, change the icon

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Call it what you will, but estimates have it that 75% of the folks that download Mozilla’s Firefox, end up discarding it like a badly bruised apple. Naturally, Mozilla’s team wants to plug that leak.

So, they are 12-stepping it. OK, not really, #1 and #12 are the same so Mozilla one-upped the 12-step programs. They are:

Firefox Retention 12 point plan
1. Change Firefox icon label to closer resemble action of getting to web
2. Force the Firefox icon to easier to find location
3. Alter the default browser settings path for better user choice
4. Major outbound brand marketing program driving brand recognition and differentiation
5. Improve download page and first run pages
6. Launch
7. Make common plug-ins work out of the box
8. Make add-ons and personas more accessible
9. Make the web feel more human
10. Improve messaging through communication channels
11. Stickier start page
12. Change Firefox icon image to closer resemble action of getting to web

Hot on the heels of this news is word that a malware blocker will definitely (well, almost definitely) be part of the build for Firefox 3, due out this year. Perhaps that will go a long way into help differentiate their product from Microsoft’s (#4).

Read [Mozilla Wiki] Via [PCPro]

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  • JT

    Thanks for helping us spread the word about seeking help to improve Firefox's retention.

    One quick note, #1 and #12 are different. #1 refers to the label name–currently "Mozilla Firefox" (which has no mention of the internet or the web or whatever) and #12 refers to the actual image itself. I updated the wiki to make that more clear.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing more feedback from folks.


    JT Batson
    Sr. Marketing Manager, Mozilla
    (the guy who wrote the retention wiki)

  • Madhukar

    Educating the users of its advantages is more important than anything else. I don't have any doubt that any user who knows the real advantages of firefox will ever shun it.

  • David

    I'd say that both "education" and "in your face" are important. The suggested changes sound good to me.


    why first
    and 12th points for FIREFOX are same

    1. Change Firefox icon label to closer resemble action of getting to web
    12. Change Firefox icon label to closer resemble action of getting to web

  • windows firefox

    JT thanks for pointing that out. i was about to ask the same thinng. i was like…"whut? are they stressing a point?" so there, okey, point taken. =)