Samsung introduces Yepp P2 DAP, gets sexy with a woman hand model

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yepp hand modelThat is right, more gadget buyers are men, so why not bait them with a ladies soft touch? So thinks Samsung who has employed a sex’d up womanly hold on it’s new P2 DAP. This smart looking player features a touchscreen and some side buttons.

While there seems to be limited hard facts at this point, Engadget says it features a virtual click wheel of sorts (based on info from a German site). Easy spots are the Bluetooth compatibility, Mp3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG4, and FM Radio. Akihabara says it will come in 2/4/8GB sizes, probably for Korea only.

A walk through video shows a great UI, bright screen and landscape video mode. Impressive to say the least.

yepp p2

This little player could be a serious hit in the US market should the powers that be at Apple delay a touchscreen iPod sans phone. Check the video at dapreview, this thing is hot.

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