Sneak peak of Palm “Centro”; Tiniest Palm OS phone yet

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During Palms summer retreat they showed off a new phone, dubbed Centro that will be coming out from Sprint. There were not many details, but here is what we have, straight from Palm:

  • Smallest Palm OS phone yet
  • Targeted to younger users new to smartphone space
  • EVDO
  • Redesigned keypad and touchscreen

This is without a great move for Palm. A fresh look for their phones is needed as is a bigger audience. Marketing to, ahem, kids will necessitate these changes and drive positive changes up market into their serious Treo products.

The keypad was commented on by attendees as “infinitesimally small”, almost impossible looking to type with thumbs. It better be as the intended market is coming off slim flip phones.

I for one am positive on this for Palm. The often too serious, too business-y company could use a shot of youthful enthusiasm.

Note: the image was not taken yesterday during the sneak peak; no release date or pricing was committed to.

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  • gabby

    i have the palm centro in the same color and everything and it doesnt seem small to me, it barely fits into any of my jean pockets!!!