Rumor: iPod nano design and color refresh

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apple nano rumor 8 079 to 5 is touting their Chinese informants for two bits of information on Apple’s holiday season colors and a new design for the player. With the iPhone honeymoon just about up, is the Nano enough to satisfy those that won’t or can’t shell out $500 and pony up another $100 per month just to get an edge to edge screen?

The rumored new Nano design is said to look like the image (note white is not offered so this is clearly a mock up). A larger screen but still a dedicated click wheel seems to be the theme here. Assuming the same width as the current Nano, it makes for a stubby little player.

The new colors, to help identify you are the tragically hip are:

  • Matte black
  • Cranberry
  • Silver
  • Light blue
  • Light green

A bigger screen should mean video support for the Nano, something other players have been touting for some time. Is this merely a game of catch up now for Apple?

Personally, I don’t see it. Apple usually plays things like a chess match and clearly, it is time to move to the video iPod or face a revolt from its loyal high $ fans. A complete redesign of both the Nano and Video is needed. We can hope.

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  • imajoebob

    Rule Number One for iPod design: It fits comfortably in your hand. Wide, square objects do not fit comfortably; narrow rectangles do. You cannot (easily) operate the thumbwheel with one hand on a square iPod. A square would be a two-handed device. You do the math.