New Sony T200 digicam: Worthless at a funeral

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Sony DSC t200Meet the new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200. Unlike other cameras out there for the past 50 years, with this one there is no need to say, “Cheese”.

The camera detects smiles. Yes, there I’ve said it. The camera will sense when everyone is smiling and take the shot then. I am not even sure how to relate this feature or the tech behind it, so I’ll let Sony dig themselves this one:
You can even set the smile detector in the self portrait mode so you can eliminate the countdown and just shoot your pearlies. Surely, one of us can hack this system and detect only frowns? Or funny faces? Or raspberries?

“Using Sony’s proprietary algorithm, this innovative intelligent auto shutter system responds actively to smiling faces. To start, just choose SmileShutter from Scene Selection, then press the shutter fully on the subject to be taken; the camera automatically detects the smiling face and closes the shutter. To detect the different degrees of smiles by your subject, you can set Smile Level sensitivity to “high” (to detect a faint smile), “medium” (for a normal smile), or “low” (for a hearty laugh).”

Furthermore, there are some really cool things Sony is doing with the touchscreen here. First is the ability to touch the screen on what you want the camera to focus in on. This is so handy for things like group photos, where you really want to focus on Grandpa Bob, not Aunt Edna. Second is the ability to simply put controls up on the screen based on what you are doing which simplifies the shooting process.

Here are the specs:

  • 5x zoom
  • 8.1 megapixels
  • 3.5″ LCD
  • Wide and Touch experience
  • Smile Shutter (God, I wish I made that name up)
  • No price or release info yet

The microsite is chock full of info. Head on over and check out what could very well be your next camera.

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