Excitement your kids with Crayola electronics

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Crayola EZ Grip digital cameraSakar International had just released more excitements for your kids for this coming holiday with its kid-friendly Crayola range of consumer electronics.

For starters, this Crayola EZ Grip digital camera would mean loads of fun for your children. Cleverly designed for small kids hands, this camera comes equipped with proprietary ‘ColorGenie’ software that includes a ‘write a story’ template, printable frames, the ability to create finger puppets out of images, and puzzles and games. Available at Amazon for $49.99, this is surely a value-for-money holiday fun for your beloved children.

If you are buying a new computer for them this coming holiday, you may want to keep some of the accessories that come with the computer in the original box as Sakar’s range of computer accessories might just be the gadgets you prefer for your children’s learning and fun.

Crayola Type n Learn KeyboardCrayola Type n Learn keyboard comes color-coded to make it easier for children to distinguish among letters, numbers and symbols.

Crayola Click Mouse and Frame Mouse Pad

Add to that is the Crayola Click Mouse which has cute Crayola characters afloat in a safe, non-toxic liquid give off a water globe effect. As a matter of fact the cute mouse is fun to click even for adults. With Crayola Frame Mouse Pad, your kids can slide any photo or drawing up to 4 x 6 into the sleeve and change as often as they desire.

The computer accessories are available at Circuit City with price tags of $29.99, $14.99 and $8.99 each for the keyboard, mouse and mouse pad respectively.

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  • bnb

    wow. you're a little har

  • Jerry Mather

    A water filled mouse? Are U kidding? What a great idea to have a child use a mouse filled with water next to an electrical appliance – gee, was this also "made in china"????

  • srm

    Does anyone know how to turn off the annoying flashing lights on the Sakar Crayola mouse? We don't mind the flashing while we are on line, but it is continues to flash even when the computer is turned off. The only way right now to stop it from flashing is to unplug it from the USB port.