Sucking it up with the new Roomba

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My parents have a Roomba and swear by it. I keep stepping on it when I vist and swear at it! I sort of like the theory but as we live in a very dusty climate with tiled floors I have always felt that it wouldn’t be up to the job – that I would have to recharge it and empty it just to get a single clean done.

So when I read “It picks up more dirt than previous models and the dust bin is 20 percent larger,” said Nancy Dussault, director of marketing communications at iRobot. “We’ve changed everything.” I had to admit to a reawakend curiosity. Well that was until I read the full review and saw that it terrified his cat!

It does look like they have improved other things than the capacity. Traction is improved to help it differentiate between tiles and carpet, it has been given more suction, is more durable, and it now has the technology to sense it is approcahing a wall and slow down. This smartness seems to extend to identifying such things as loose wires and putting it into reverse, and in theory ity seems to have got a better sense of where home is and can return to its base better.

Sounds like some pretty good advances, but not enough for me to justify terrifying the cat!

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  • John Blake

    You can find a lot of good information about the new models at the Roomba message boards: