Dear Palm: How to get better ….

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It seems that Palm is a company that we all want to see survive, but nobody wants to buy their products anymore. I have owned a number of Palms in the past, and my wife still loves her T3, but they just aren’t the “in” thing anymore.

Over on Engadget they seem to care as well. In fact they seem to care a lot and have come up with some great suggestions as to what Palm should do. You really do need to read the whole article, but here are some headlines from it:

  • Don´t lose track of how innovative and market leading you used to be
  • Develop you own open OS, unlike Apple, and that isn’t Windows
  • Get the harware right i.e. THIN
  • BIGGER displays
  • KEEP the input method that you have – it works
  • Form factor – make it trendy
  • Make it like a PHONE

I for one hope they are taking on board a number of these suggestions – they may not be revolutionary, but they make sense and are doable!

Via [Engadget]

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