The Evoluent vertical mouse saves your from carpal tunnel

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3

For most, our palms face the inside when we hand them loosely over our sides, unless you had them purposefully turned. For this, Evoluent’s Vertical Mouse 3 is designed to take advantage of this little-known fact, and to create an innovation that caters to the well-being of its users – us. The crux of this concept is to straighten out your arm so that it is not twisted when you utilize the mouse. The same idea has been explored by ergonomic keyboard makers, aiming to project a natural way of using their peripherals.

The target audience for the Vertical Mouse 3 includes users who interact with their computers to access the Internet or various point and click interfaces via the mouse compared to their keyboards, and older users with arthritis and other wrist/arm afflictions might want to give this ergonomic mouse a go.

The Vertical Mouse 3 also comes with 4 ready DPI settings, ranging from 800 DPI to 2600 DPI, which can be changed by the click of a button beneath the mouse.

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