Road Tested: DLO TransDock Deluxe

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A while back, DLO intro’d the TransDock Deluxe an extension of their wildly successful iPod auto dock line. I’ve used the Transdock Deluxe and have done my best to spill drinks on it, rough it up a bit and have a progress report.

TransDock Deluxe $129

Pros: Simple. Nice remote. USB port for charging your cell phone.
Cons: Velcro holder for remote is annoying. I’d still love a stronger, industrial strength FM transmitter.

Overall : 9/10 Road warriors rejoice! An intelligent system is finally available without many sacrifices.

The remote is very interesting. At first, because my sedan is rather compact I thought this item would be completely superfluous. I can reach everything in the cockpit with ease including the Transdock base. Changing songs and such is very simple, plus I’ve got some audio controls on the steering wheel.

I was wrong. Having control on the steering wheel made a big difference in ease of use. Sure the velcro holder got in my way (I don’t see another way to do it) but the remote made the experience better, especially on long trips. It was a very nice feature to add. The remote is a huge plus in vehicles like my Element where the iPod is out of comfortable reach to the driver.

The FM transmitter worked very well compared to the Belkin I’ve used in the past. It still requires changing the stations when entering new cities but that is to be expected. I’d still love a stronger one that takes over the station permanently. I promise not to use that power for bad.

What I loved about this unit is the addition of a USB port on the unit. Yes, it is under the unit, so if you have it set up for low-profile, you’ll need a work around, mine was to jack the base up with the included extensions. I was able to recharge my phone as well as listen to the iPod at the same time. Nice and hassle free. I’d like it better with side access, but to have it there all is a bonus.

I didn’t get to use the video out or audio in ports on the unit, but it is great to know that they are there.

Product Page [DLO]

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