iPhone unlocked for T-Mobile (and documented)

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On this day, August 24(or maybe the 23rd, judging by the iPhone calendar date), 2007 at 12PM EDT, the iPhone has officially been unlocked. Who other to perform this long awaited feat, than Engadget’s Ryan Block.

Using the iPhoneSIMfree‘s software, Block got the iPhone to run perfectly using a T-Mobile SIM Card. This week’s iPhone upgrade does nothing to an unlocked iPhone, though you do need an AT&T SIM (Block used an inactive one) for iTunes to verify the phone. After that you can simply place the SIM of your choice into the phone and reactivate.

Though I agree that it took quite a bit of time for this hack to come into working fruition, I am astounded by the work ethic and drive these guys possess. This hack is supposedly easy and painless, but I wouldn’t recommend for the faint of heart or anyone who doesn’t want to risk 600 dollars. Every app and feature works flawlessly with a non-AT&T SIM, save for Visual Voicemail and YouTube. To get YouTube working, check out this guide.

This is sure to open up the iPhone to international consumers, and those who really hate AT&T.

Engadget has a video demonstrating the unlocked iPhone’s working nature.

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  • Ian from

    Here's a video of the kid who came up with the hardware unlock method: