Special Apple Event to be held on September 5th

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ArsTechnica has received word from their “sources” confirming an Apple event on the 5th of next month. The company will indeed announce new iPods.

Though the 5th, being a Wednesday, is out of character for Apple, who normally holds “special” events such as these on Tuesdays.

You can probably count the amount of people who know what Apple is up to on one hand, but the popular product idea among us mere mortals is the Fat Nano that is making its around the internet. Additionally, a full-screen video iPod or an “iPhone Nano” may be on deck.

Just as a reminder, it was in September of 2005 where the iPod Nano was announced. That went on to be one of Apple’s best selling iPods ever.

Though I look forward to any Apple product launch, a fat iPod is not on my holiday wish list.

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