Philips keeps your portable gadgets running

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Philips Portable Charger

When your battery keeps running out of juice, it may be time to invest in a Philips portable charger and never be left powerless again. At the IFA in Berlin, Philips introduces the Power4Life lineup.

Their portable chargers are named the Power2Charge group and are a universal charger for all electronics. Yes, you read that right. It features three universal USB chargers as well as two universal USB car chargers, designed to work anywhere. The main charger in the Power2Charge lineup is the SCM7880, it boasts backup power for 15 hours of energy and can give power to any 5V units.

The next group is the Power2Go, which can give up to 60 hours on a single charge! This will be very handy for those long trips and whenever you need to power anything. This group features a few other charger, however, the most notable one is the SCE7640. This charger can charge up to units with 21V, even charging your laptop. Another charger is the SCE2110, which is basically designed to charge your cell phone.

To sum it all up, there are five Power2Charge chargers:

  • SCM7880 Universal USB Charger and back up energy for devices up to 5V
  • SCM4480 Universal USB Charger for devices up to 5V
  • SCM2280 Universal USB Charger for devices up to 5V
  • SCM4380 Universal USB Car Charger kit for devices to 5V
  • SCM2180 Universal USB Car Charger for devices up to 5V

The Power2Go chargers feature three different ones:

  • SCE7640 Rechargeable Power Pack for devices up to 21V (capable of charging even laptops)
  • SCE4430 Rechargeable Power Pack for devices up to 5V
  • SCE2110 Emergency phone charger for cell phones

They are expected to be released in December 2007 first in Europe, at an undisclosed price. Now this is a product we can all use if it is priced nicely.

Via [Philips Press Release]

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