New iPod nano?

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iPod Nano

There have been a lot of rumors circulating lately over the redesign of Apple’s iPod Video as well as the iPod nano. A picture appeared today on the brokenflicker blog portraying what is said to be the new iPod nano.

Is this the new iPod nano to be released September 5th? Our friends at Appletell have the full story.

Via [Appletell]

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  • Eric

    Yup, it's out! And looks way sweet, IMHO. I couldn't help it, but had to get one. I'll test it real good over the next few weeks; long commute and wearing it at work.

  • Zach

    Dude this is kickass

  • ace


  • barrett63

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  • panda

    the new nano may look good but there is fault with the desine. when you connect to a most docking stations you cant use the totch controle on the front.need a male to female bridge of some sort to raise it up {i cant find one enywere}.or pay a lot of money for a seperate station with remote.

  • dylan

    that is not it, that one is i saw on the maker of it and how he did it, poeple are so guilable.

  • J Freund

    I Don't think this is as awesome as everybody says it is. Personally, I hate that it has no clickwheel. Other than that, it has lost its capability to play music videos, tv shows, movies ect. Also, it lost the camera that the 5th generation had. In my opinion, a touch screen isn't worth the loss of so many functions.

  • estelle

    Nt to mention, there is no picture viewing capability or internal speaker either.

  • Edouard

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  • tsl99

    it's cool that Apple decided to upgrade the Nano but I'd rather save up and buy the more functional I Touch.

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  • Clare Anatolios

    I hate the new mini iPods. They are too small. A clip to keep it "where you want it" is useless… in the winter, when it's pouring snow and rain, do you want it outside your coat so you can adjust it, but it will get ruined by the weather? or do you want it inside your coat so you can open your coat to adjust it, and you and it can get ruined by the weather together? And you need the clip because the stupid little thing is so small it falls out of your hand, gets lost in a pocket or purse… yuck. I am not buying one, never ever ever. The big iPods are too big, heavy and awkward. The new one is a dinky piece of crap. I like the old "tall" nanos. They just fit right in your hand. If I can't have that, I don't want anything.

  • jimbojoe

    haw haw haw