Google’s SMS Payments System

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Is there anything that they are not trying to get the cell phone to do? Will it get to the point that the last thing we are meant to use it for is to actually talk to someone?

If the recent patent application from Google comes to the market then we will be able to add paying for stuff through Google Checkout via the phone to the list. It seems that paying will be as simple as sending a text, but on the basis that the whole world uses PayPal who will you actually be able to pay?

Actually that is somewhat unfair as the patent goes on to explain ways in which the service could be used to purchase from vending machines – what a tie up that would be with the rumored iTunes vending machine!! – and retailers. With the imminent launch of the Google phone this could be the “killer application” that they would love to launch on the back of.

Via [CrunchGear]

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