Nab a $349 iPhone from Apple

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Refurbished. Factory refreshed. Used? Whatever you want to call it, Apple is willing to give you $50 off for one of the factory reconditioned units, already $200 off its original asking price. Not a bad savings for you mid to late adapters.

So where does Apple get these returned units? The speculation is folks expecting an iPhone shortage would turn into an Ebay frenzy returned them when it didn’t happen. Perhaps the home activation turned some off or they deemed the phone excessively droppable (a bud of mine is on his 4th iPhone).

Whatever the reason, Apple offers the discount on not only the iPhone. Back in the Refub center, you can pick up a 2 GB Nano for $99, 4GB for $129, 8GB for $169 or a Shuffle for $49. Macs can also be picked up on the cheap. Well, cheaper than their list.

Apple says it ships the refurb units for free within 24 hours of order. Not a bad deal.

Anyone buy a refurb unit willing to comment on the experience?

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