Apple faces possible lawsuit with HTC

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HTC TouchAfter yesterday’s Apple Event it seemed nothing could go wrong, they had successfully unveiled many exciting gadgets and news. However, there is much speculation over the name iPod Touch being very similar to the HTC Touch.

Cellphone company HTC, had created their own music player called the HTC Touch. A trademark lawyer said that the name alone is not enough to convict Apple of stealing the name, but there are similiarities between to two devices such as music and video playback, the touchscreen, and Wi-Fi capabilities. These may be enough of a reason to create a trademark argument. Additionally, the iPod Touch was unveiled three months after Taiwan’s HTC Touch was launched.

HTC head chief Peter Chou said he feels that the name is a “compliment” to the HTC Touch, however, he declined to comment on whether he would pursue action to force a name change or file a lawsuit. Furthermore, if anything happens between these two companies, it would mark the second time this year Apple has faced naming issues, the first being with CISCO.

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