Cell phone use now becoming possible at hospitals

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Cell PhoneCell phone use while in a hospital is a big no-no. Just about every hallway or doorway seems to have a sign posted that will instruct you to turn your cell phone off. This rule is becoming more and more difficult to follow with the growth and current use of cell phones today and leaves many people feeling cut off while having to spend time in a hospital. In order to fix or correct this issue some hospitals are now creating special networks that will allow you to use your phone while inside.

Hospitals can now add an antenna system either inside or very close to the hospital and this will allow people to use their phones and connect using a much lower signal strength. If you are able to connect at a lower signal strength it will both decrease any possibility of electromagnetic interference and also allow system engineers to better monitor any interference.

I have seen some argue that cell phones will cause electromagnetic interference with sensitive medical devices and some that say the risk is not nearly as bad as reported. Recently the Mayo Clinic did a five-month study on the use of cell phones and showed that they cause no noticeable interference with equipment. This study was published in the March issues of Mayo Clinic Proceedings and said that “bans should be reconsidered because of the inconvenience they cause for patients and families who must leave care areas to use their cellphones.”

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