Skype worm on the loose, affecting Windows users

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Windows users take caution when using Skype, infected computers are sending chat messages to other users asking them to click a web link. That web link will then infect your computer. Like most “quality” virus programs this will look to be a valid message and could confuse even a savvy user. The link may come from either someone in your contact list or a stranger and will include a link to the internet. The link appears to be to a .jpg image but when you click the link you will be given the Windows Run/Save dialog box, which if you choose to run you will infect your PC.

Skype is already being proactive and have already gotten F-Secure, Kaspersky Lab and Symantec to update their antivirus products to help detect and remove the worm. Keep in mind that this virus will not affect you just from using Skype, the software itself is safe you actually have to take action to have this installed and become infected. As always take caution when clicking links especially if it is from an unknown source.
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