A router to display, not hide:Vonage VDV21 Router

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vonage vdv21 router

Despite all the recent legal issues that Vonage faced, they are still continuing to make some forward progress and test some new technology. Currently they are beta testing the new Vonage VDV21 router that will have an LCD that is capable of displaying voicemail info, CID, call logs and more.

While this is still just a router and will allow you to make calls just like other Vonage routers, its interesting to see that they are making the router something to display and use instead of hiding it away.

According to reports from a current beta tester, the new VDV21 is “pretty nice and it is about a 2 min process to get setup”, the downside is that beta testers are not able to use their current number and have to activate the VDV21 under a new account. The new account is no additional charge and the testers will get $29.99 credit to their main account upon successful completion. No word on when this will be available for Vonage customers.

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