Virtual reality is here: Vuzix iWear VR920 eyewear for gamers

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vuzix vr920 iwear

Vuzix Corporation have just announced the world’s first full immersion virtual reality Video Eyewear. Weighing in a just 3.2 ounces the iWear VR920’s feature a built in microphone for VOIP communications, adjustable headphones, they can automatically switch between 2-D & 3-D and offer a large 62 inches virtual screen from 9 feet.

“Gamers and simulation enthusiasts alike will experience first hand the awesome, out-of-body experience that the VR920 provides,” explains Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix Corporation.

The VR920’s offer plug and play video with virtually all PC applications on XP or Vista and have a growing list of applications they support to include Microsoft Flight Simulator X, World of War Craft, Unreal Tournament 2004, R-factor car racing sim. The iWear VR920 will retail for $399.95. Even at that price it seems like they will make for an incredible gaming experience, my only concern would be how long could I wear them before they started feeling uncomfortable.

Product [Vuzix iWear VR920]

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