Simroid: The dental patient of the future

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Lady Simroid

How many people enjoy going to the dentist? For most of us, the experience is right up there with surgery or even worse, paying taxes. Still, we need dentists and dentists need to learn how to best serve their patients. Meet Simroid, the newest robotic dental patient that was introduced at the 2007 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo.

This fembot is truly amazing. She has the ability to follow instructions and reacts in a human-like way to mouth pain. She doesn’t kick or punch, as she was programmed to be above all else, a lady, however she will grimace and say, “that hurts.” Her behavior motivates people to treat her like a person and not an object. Better than the most sophisticated doll on the market, Simroid can simulate a gagging reflex in case instruments are inserted too far into her mouth.

Developed by Kokoro Company Ltd, Simroid’s body and control system is equipped with a system of air-powered muscles and soft silicone skin. She even has sensitive teeth and via her mouth loaded with sensors, she knows when her dentist-in-training makes a mistake.

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